Windows 8.1 Gets 3D Printing Driver, Supporting TierTime UP Printers

Another piece of news out of CES 2014, Beijing manufacturer TierTime launched their Windows 8.1 driver for their UP Plus 2 and UP! mini 3D printers.  This gives the capability to use their relatively affordable 3D printers with the most used new operating system.

According to the shop website, the UP! mini costs just $899 and is just as capable as some much more expensive devices.  The catch is that shipping of the device will cost $122 or more.  The device is fully enclosed and weighs just 13 pounds.

Shipping costs:

Asia – Add $122

North America – Add $165

Europe and South America – Add $192

Africa – Add $204

Shipping is the same for their open platform UP Plus 2 printer, which costs $1,649, but can print larger models on account of its open face design.


The TierTime UP! mini looks more like a coffee maker than a 3D printer.

If you think you’re going to get the device quickly for how much you pay for shipping, think again.

The delivery time on the UP! mini is 6-8 weeks and the lead time on the Plus 2 is 3-4 weeks.  Both printers use ABS+ plastic, which costs $41 including shipping and ships in less than 4 weeks.

Anyone that buys an UP printer can get the driver update directly from Windows Update without extra searching, and the driver interfaces with many third-party programs.

Source: Microsoft