Strange+ Episode 1 First Impressions: It’s Called Strange For a Reason

A lot of anime that falls under the comedy genre tends to be self aware and will break the fourth wall on many occasions. Strange+ is self aware in ways that will make it difficult to forget anytime soon. Even the name acknowledges how bizarre this anime is. It’s hard to say if this show is bad or good because there isn’t much to go with. Unlike all the other shows I’ve reviewed lately, the first episode is only three minutes and thirty seconds. No seriously, as ridiculous as that may sound it is the truth. I have no idea why the show is that short, but it seems like every episode in this series will be three and a half minutes long. Makes me wonder what the channel airing that anime does for the remaining twenty five minutes before the next show starts.

Strange+ is apparently based off of an ongoing manga series in Japan. It consists of at least thirteen volumes worth of the manga so far and is still going strong. With that said, I don’t see why they can’t just take more pages or chapters and add them to the first episode. Seitokai Yakuindomo (AKA SYD) was a series of four panel manga originally, and each episode was regular length.  My only guess is that Strange+ wanted to be different even in the length of the episode or something.

Strange+ follows the adventures of a detective agency consisting of four people. If the show description is to be believed, Kou had joined the agency because his brother is in charge of it and together they solve cases. There is more character development in the description of the show than there is in the entire episode itself, so the characters could basically be replaced with gold plated lawn gnomes and it would oddly fit into this most unusual anime. The first episode features the gang as they try to stop a disturbing looking gold statue from being stolen by the phantom thief at any cost. Of course due to length of the episode, the plot moves forward at a ridiculous and unbelievable pace. It is to the point where it can be difficult to follow and will leave the viewer not entirely sure of what they had just watched.

This show takes silly and over the top to another level, with a giant boulder rolling down stairs to booby trapped doors that hit unsuspecting people with a big rubber butt (not making that up, that actually happens), and all kinds of other zany things.

In all honesty, I still do not know if I can recommend this show or if I should tell you to avoid it. Even after watching the episode a few times I was not entirely sure what I had just watched. It’ll take a few more episodes before I can really have a solid opinion on this anime. I’ve seen quite a few anime in the past that was silly and absurd like Strange+, but most of them were at least a full length episode. Although if you are looking for an absurdly silly anime to watch, you may have come to the right place depending on your preferences.