Shia LaBeouf “Retiring from Public Life”

In the wake of controversy surrounding the alleged copyrighted work used without permission in his short film and the mayhem that took place as a result, actor Shia LaBeouf has announced his departure from the public eye on Twitter:


In December, LaBeouf made his directorial debut with HowardCantour.com, a short film that attempts to comment on the value of film criticism. It didn’t take long after the film was posted on Vimeo before the similarities between LaBeouf’s film and the comic strip Justin M. Damiano became all too apparent, leading to accusations of plagarism targeted at LaBeouf.

What is unclear, however, is how one retires from public life. Will he never again appear in a tabloid magazine? Remove himself from social media? Lock himself away as a forever shut-in? Only time will tell.

(Thanks Gawker)