Minecraft’s First 1.8 Snapshot Available, Bug Fixes Included

Mojang has now released snapshot 14w2b, a crash and bug-fix patch to the recent 14w2a release, bringing the first look at Minecraft’s upcoming 1.8 update.  The new snapshot can be installed using the Minecraft clients by editing the preferences to allow snapshots.  This news comes from recent tweets by @Dinnerbone, Minecraft developer Nathan Adams.

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The update brings new survival gameplay and improvements, along with new features for building adventure maps.  For those unfamiliar with the game, there are several ways Minecraft can be played, ranging from a creative mode, building structures with unlimited resources, to survival, attempting to eek out an existence in a hostile world, building and collecting resources, to adventure, exploring and building custom maps and adventures in which often times blocks cannot be broken and special puzzles need to be solved to move on.

Additions include new stone types, stackable doors, enchanting and repairing changes, slime blocks and other “secret” features for survival and the official addition of adventure mode’s inability to place or destroy blocks and a handful of useful commands for building adventure maps.

Source: @Dinnerbone and Mojang