Halo 4 Art Director Changes Role Within 343 Industries

The next Halo game (which is slated for release on Xbox One this year) may look a bit different from past iterations.  News broke today that 343 Industries art director Kenneth Scott will step down from his current position and take on the role of visual design consultant.  Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier will take on the role of art director.

This comes from a report on IGN, who go on to say that Scott made the move to spend more time with his family, as opposed to any internal friction or turmoil.  A Microsoft had this to say about the new art director:

“We’re thrilled to announce that Kenneth’s long-time colleague and collaborator, Nicolas “Sparth” Bouvier will step into the position of Art Director. Kenneth will continue to work with 343 Industries remotely and partner with Nicolas in a newly created role as a Visual Design Consultant. We can’t wait to share more details regarding the future of ‘Halo’ very soon.”

You can read more about Bouvier on his blog.  His pedigree includes titles such as Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia and over 80 book covers, so Halo seems to be in good hands.  It will be interesting to see how exactly he influences Halo’s art direction, but as beautiful as Halo 4 was, it is nice to know that Scott will still be around to consult.