Xbox One Sells 3 Million Units

After coming to blows in 2013, Sony and Microsoft finished the cycle of regrowth that the Nintendo Wii U began in 2012. Both companies held respective reveal events, and even further argued their cases at E3, with Sony largely coming out with fewer bruises. Yet, this is simply the beginning of a new cycle; the real test of next-gen appeal will be reflected by sales numbers.  A console’s overall health can be determined by the amount of units that sell. Early adopters make the case for owning a system moving forward, and any interest that isn’t cultivated by release day can be remedied by word of mouth. As of this past month, however, it would appear that many gamers flocked to their consoles of choice before waiting for those initial impressions. The start of the current console cycle started off with a bang, I don’t care whom you ask. For such a degree of skepticism towards next-gen-turned current gen, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been moving off the shelves in large numbers. Each console has been selling quite well.

The PlayStation 4 sold more than 4 million units before the end of 2013. That is a more than strong showing for the newest Sony console. The Xbox One sold over 3 million units as well, showing that the company was in many ways able to rebound back from its infamous E3 reveal. Just as importantly, one should note that both consoles sold very well; in a race between Xbox and Sony, second-place still managed to move more than a paltry sum.

Just who exactly wins a console war? Console manufacturers win when they’re able to convince the public that an initial investment in their hardware will be worth it. Similarly, it means great things when a producer is able to hold up its end of the bargain. The real question is the direction things take from here. What similarities will we see in future titles, even IPs owned by Sony and Microsoft respectively? How will divergence take place, and just what about the Xbox and PlayStation ecosystems will reflect that? And lastly, how will games cater the the hardware of the designated console? Only time will tell.