The Pilot’s Love Song – Episode 1 First Impressions: Likely to Soar High

Among the new anime premiering in January is a rather interestingly labeled one known as The Pilot’s Love Song. The name alone caught my eye, so I decided I’d try it once the first episode was released. All I expected in this show was stylish planes being piloted and that was exactly what I got. Although the setting certainly was unexpected.

The Pilot’s Love Song is the story of a massive fleet of planes, an airship, and a floating chunk of land that leave in search of something known as the End of the Sky. Some of the main characters include Kal-El (Kal for short) and Ariel. The two siblings share the same plane, and as you can expect a lot of squabbling ensues through most of the episode. Although I wonder if Kal and Ariel are actually related, given that Kal referred to his own father by his name at one point. Not only that but he looks much different from the rest of his family, so it is possible that he may be adopted or something. They make it pretty clear that there is a lot about Kal that has yet to be revealed, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do with him. For whatever reason he seems to hate the girl in the white robes, and it is very clear that there is some kind of unsettling history there.

PLS1_screenshot2 There are some other characters that stand out as well, including a mysterious pilot with silver hair who seems to hate Kal for one reason or another. He ignores Kal when he tries to talk to him, and then glares at Kal while Kal is fighting with his sister, who happens to be in the dorm building next to his with a window directly in line of sight of his room. I imagine this silver haired enigma will come into play eventually, as I’m sure he isn’t there just to look like he hates everyone and everything. One final character I wish to discuss is the possible love interest of Kal, Claire Cruz. Claire is from the wealthy/noble side of Isla, the floating island and her and Kal seem to get pretty close relatively quick. I mean I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there is some sort of romance going on since the anime is called The Pilot Love Song, but hopefully they don’t botch this subplot and make it happen at an unrealistic pace.

Now the one thing I want to address would be this. If this civilization has the technology that can keep a massive chunk of land airborne and build a large airship, what is the point of having a large landmass in the air when they could just use that technology to build a much bigger airship instead? I mean sure it’s nice that there’s somewhere that isn’t cramped and narrow corridors for the pilots to hang out on, but how do you defend a floating island without any apparent weapon capabilities?

PLS1_screenshot9There appears to be some sort of class system in this world as all the pilots that are of nobility get a bus that takes them to a separate set of dormitories. Whereas the rest of the group has to walk to their dorms, and it’s pretty clear that it’s a lengthy walk as the sun is setting by the time they get there. It also seems like they keep the two sets of dorms very far away from one another. I imagine there’s some reason behind that and why it is primarily young adults who are part of this pilot program.

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this first episode.  We are introduced to the world and setting and then see Kal and Ari fight a lot.  It is clearly an anime that starts at a slow pace, and not a lot will happen initially. A lot of things are set in motion and we are introduced to some of the characters that we’ll be seeing throughout the series. Although I get the feeling that within the next few episodes the pace will pick up and more plot details will unravel. Even the end of the episode hints that there is lots of trouble and drama to come. If the fact that a lot of folks are crying in the opening means anything, then this may end up being one heck of an anime.