Official Steam Machines Announced at CES 2014

At Valve’s CES event on Jan. 6, Valve announced thirteen official Steam Machines via brochure, being built by companies ranging from low end consumer electronics companies to powerhouse gaming machine companies.

This wide span of Steam Machine lines also spans a wide price range.  The cheapest announced price for one of these devices is $499 (for the iBuyPower and CyberPowerPC models), while the most expensive announced price sits at $6000 (for the top end Falcon Northwest – Tiki).  This does not, however, take into account the much smaller and more portable devices that were announced, like the Gigabyte Brix Pro and the Maingear Spark (which didn’t make the cut in time for the printing of the brochures, but was later announced separately).  This also leaves out the wiggle room companies left themselves to make more customized models of the cheaper computers.  It is common for custom computer companies to allow upgrades and peripherals to the base model, charging extra for each improvement.

Steam Machine

The iBuyPower Steam Machines start at $499

Most of the devices seem to run on the Intel Core i-series processor, though three of them offer customization or at least a choice between AMD or Intel.  All of the devices that announced hard drive capacity have at least 500GB of storage space.  Many of the models come with solid state drives either exclusively (like the Alternate’s 1TB SSD) or as a backup drive, and all announced specs state at least 8GB of RAM.  This should be enough power, even on the lower end of each device, to at least run anything on the Steam library, which is likely something Valve looked for in supporting the companies in their presentation.

The Alienware Steam Machine, while notably absent of specs and price at the event, has a sharp look to it.  According to the Alienware website, the device will rival “next generation consoles” in price, which is assumed to mean the Xbox One and Playstation 4, which are $500 and $400 respectively.  They also note that it will run on an Intel CPU and an NVIDIA GPU, but provide no more detailed specifications for now.

Source: CES 2014 via Kotaku

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