Square Enix Cancels Hitman Console Game, Transistions To Mobile

Reports are coming in that Square Enix Montreal, who was developing a Hitman game for consoles, has canceled the title, and has started development on a Hitman game for iOS and Android.

According to the story from Videogamer, the title was cancelled after Square Enix decided to shift the team’s focus to mobile games.  Although the fate of the game was technically still up in the air, Senior Game Designer Richard Knight’s LinkedIn profile indicates the game was formally cancelled sometime last year.  Little is known about the supposed mobile version of the game, but all hope is not lost for Hitman fans.

IO Interactive, the developer behind the other Hitman games, is still on pace to release a new AAA Hitman title, although it is unclear if they will be taking over what Square Enix left unfinished, or starting from scratch.  It is worth noting, however, that none of these projects have been formally introduced.  Either way, it appears that Square’s Hitman project wasn’t exactly dropping jaws, so this is probably for the best.