Hyrule Warriors Could Be Great If We Give It A Chance

About two weeks ago, Nintendo shocked the world by announcing a new Zelda title.  But not the Zelda game that Wii U owners have been waiting for.  Instead they announced a Zelda/Dynasty Warriors fusion game that confused many fans of the long running Nintendo franchise. There is a difference between the two series, The Legend of Zelda is one of gamings most beloved franchises and Dynasty Warriors is not. To be respectful to the Tecmo series, Dynasty Warriors is the definition of a love it/hate it game.  And Zelda fans responded with some optimism but mostly anger and confusion as to why Nintendo would tie the series to Tecmo.

However if you would indulge me, I would like to make the case that Hyrule Warriors is not an affront to everything we’ve ever loved about the Legend of Zelda.  That Nintendo hasn’t wronged you by creating this crossover, which I would argue is not even the worst thing to ever happen to the series if you’re old enough to remember the Zelda games on the CD-i.

Now back to the matter at hand.  Hyrule Warriors is actually a great idea by the Big N for a number of reasons.  First it’s something for us to do before we finally get our hands on the true Zelda title for the Wii U.  Second it’s a good step forward for Nintendo to collaborate with another company and establishing a relationship, seeing as they have had problems with third party support.  Hey, if you can’t get third parties to come to you with their games, why not just create your own without all the hassle?

Lastly long time producer of the Zelda series, Eiji Aonuma stated in a previous direct that they were challenging the idea of a Zelda that is played alone.  What if this is the first step into introducing us to that concept?  Imagine all the possibilities that come with a co-op Zelda, with Hyrule Warriors being the testing ground.  There is no limit to what Aonuma and the Tecmo Dynasty Warriors team can do together since they are not bound by the series timeline.  Dynasty Warriors is famous for allowing you to play as multiple characters on your journey so who’s to say that you can’t play as Zelda herself in this game, or fan favorite Midna, or dare I say it Tingle?  The path is open to so many ideas that I really want to see what they come up with.

This is also a chance for Nintendo to see what can be done with online multiplayer, something that Eiji Aonuma himself suggested could be possible.  Hyrule Warriors is the foundation that Nintendo needs to understand how important the online aspect of gaming is, not only to their supporters but to their future as a software company.  As much as I enjoyed Super Mario 3D World I couldn’t help but notice the missed opportunity by Nintendo to include online co-op, something that is missing from a lot of their games.  For all the advancements that they’ve made with their online efforts this is a field that Nintendo desperately needs to work on.  Hyrule Warriors is the chance that they’ve been waiting for and need to take.  There are so many possibilities here for grand epic battles on Hyrule field, a siege upon the castle town, fighting with your friends to protect the land that we all know from years of playing games in this world.

While I applaud Aonuma and the Zelda team at Nintendo for thinking about a multiplayer Zelda, I doubt that we would see online play in the Wii U title.  But Hyrule Warriors gives them a safety net with Tecmo providing their experience. Instead of slapping together online multiplayer onto what will be an epic adventure, Hyrule Warriors provides Aonuma the chance to experiment with multiplayer in the Zelda universe without affecting the main series.  He can take that experience and bring it to the canon franchise and maybe in 2018 we’ll see online multiplayer in Zelda that works because for the next game I’ll settle for local co-op.

There is risk with Hyrule Warriors, I understand that.  And there is a chance that it will crash and burn.  But instead of seeing it as some abomination to everything that The Legend of Zelda stands for, why not look at it as a grand experiment that can bring the series into the future. Who knows you might even like it.

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  1. smashbrolink

    FlameDragon_ Correction; main-line Zelda games should never be online-reliant.
    There’s still space for them to incorporate some optional online experiences, but it would have to be done cautiously, if not sparingly.

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