Alex M.’s Favourite PlayStation Characters

This list will include any character that I really appreciated from any PlayStation-exclusive title/series. They don’t have to be main characters to be here, they just had to tickle my fancy. Also, they’re in no specific order besides alphabetically.


Revolver Ocelot – Metal Gear Solid (1-4)

He’s just so wacky with his crazy gun tricks and smooth moves. His younger-self may be a little overzealous and clumsy, but he’s just silly, cool, and charming enough to make his way on to my pointless list.

Sackboy – LittleBigPlanet Series


How can someone make a list like this and not include Sackboy? There’s just so much cutesie charm there. I mean, you can make him wiggle-waggle his tongue and flail his arms around while you run through all the levels. You can even mismatch all the outfits you could ever want and make it look like your Sackboy fell through several wardrobes. If anything, he’s too cute to be on this list.

Kratos – God of War Series

He’s just too angry to leave off the list. I mean, he rips off Helios’ head and uses it as a lantern for the rest of the game. He takes down creatures that are more bigger than skyscrapers. Kratos is exact definition of a one-man army, and it’s pretty cool.

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Wander – Shadow of the Colossus


Travelling to a forbidden land to make deals with who-knows-what in the hopes to save the lady you love, what a winner. Playing through the game, you feel for Wander, who must overcome such daunting obstacles and remain vigilant. As you slay the colossi, you feel the pain of Wander, having their dark essence absorbed into you. Your appearance alters and you get this awful sense of dread about what you’re doing, but you keep going in the hopes of resurrecting Mono.

Up until the very end, you feel for him and care about what happens. At least, I did. That was all without a single word too, aside from calling over Agro. Dang, that horse was really cool. Maybe it should be on this list…

Joel – The Last of Us

Ever since playing The Last of Us, I keep thinking about Joel and his motivations and obvious problems. But that’s what makes him so great, he’s very flawed. He brutally murders others to survive and would kill anyone or anything to protect what he loves. He has a soft spot and it all seems to reflect back to his daughter, which makes him seem really vulnerable and human. As you play through the game and Joel warms up to Ellie, you actually feel as if he’s at ease when he talks with her, like they’re not experiencing the end of the world. I was really compelled through the whole game to just see what Joel would do, he’s such a fascinating character.

He just seems so real, and I applaud Naughty Dog and Troy Baker for doing such a great job with not just Joel, but The Last of Us as a whole.

In closing,

What do you think about my list, did I pick some that you like or is it just awful? Maybe I missed a few, let me know down in the comments!