Multiple Game Services Effected by DDoS Attacks

Over the past few days, gaming services have been effected by a DDos or Distributed Denial of Service attack from the hacker group DERP. The latest services to be effected was EA’s Origin platform, preventing users from being able to log in. Other services effected are Steam,, and League of Legends. The attacks seem to relate to one YouTube user, PhantomL0rd, in which every time he tries to play a certain game, the platform in which the game runs on was attacked. The breakdown of the events could be found on a sub-Reddit for League of Lengends.

The attackers seemed to have scaled up the attack when they called in a hostage situation to police on PhantomL0rd last night. The event had police storm his house and had him arrested. DERP, the group said to be responsible for the attacks, has so far denied the attacks. The group/person behind this attack seems to be using a simple DDoS tool called the Ion Cannon, which the group has labeled the “Gaben Laser Beam”, and pointing it to authentication servers of gaming services. For now, it seems to be a personal vendetta against PhantomL0rd for reasons unknown.