Is Marvel Heroes Worth Playing in 2014?

Marvel Heroes released back in June and before that had a lengthy beta testing period. To be honest, the game was a few twists and turns away from being a full fledged train wreck at release. Nearly every aspect of the game felt unfinished and character balancing was way out of whack.

With that said, Gazillion Entertainment took on the familiar adage of “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” and began working to better its free-to-play game. It’s now January and the question needs to be answered: is Marvel Heroes worth playing in 2014? Let’s delve into it.


Just What is Marvel Heroes?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes, some of you may not know what this game is all about. It’s quite simple, really. Think Diablo, Torchlight, or other similar Action RPGs but throw it inside of the Marvel universe. Add a free-to-play model with a pay store and you have yourself Marvel Heroes.

I know that many reading may immediately run away when reading “free-to-play with pay store” but don’t rush to slam the door shut on Gazillion just yet. The studio has done a fantastic job with making just about every piece of content obtainable in the game for free… and with patience. Characters can be unlocked quickly with cash money but they can also be added to your roster for free with your time and the acquisition of a dropped item called Eternity Splinters.

Eternity Splinters drop roughly every 6 minutes (Ninja edit: this has been confirmed to be roughly 8 minutes, not 6) and the timer can be shortened or the chance for drop can be elevated with Special Find gear and making sure you always go into dungeons you find on the maps and heading back to headquarters every now and then. Basically, map jumping can increase your Eternity Splinter findings.

With the inclusion of Eternity Splinters and other rare drops that fall under the Special Item category, the store doesn’t really even need to be touched if you don’t wish to break out the wallet. Just have some patience, equip some Special Find, and get to killin’ some Purifiers and AIM lackeys.

Marvel Heroes does a fantastic job at delivering a Diablo-like experience with characters you should be familiar with and enjoy. Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, and even Squirrel Girl are all here and the variety of characters, abilities, and features found throughout the game can lead to some lost hours and a lot of fun.



Phoenix Force Cyclops is my favorite. AvX was a great read.


Improvements Since Launch

With the rough launch of Marvel Heroes, I actually stopped playing back in August. I got my Iron Man to level 27 and left him in the Savage Land. I came back to the game with Patch 2.1, which introduced the Siege storyline.

Patch 2.1 showed fans of the game just how they plan on adding to the game by allowing players to go past the original game’s ending and right into conflict with Loki and the enemies of Asgard. 2.1 also brought along a lot of changes and additions to the game. Since it’s been months since my last play session, I was introduced to a lot of new as I finally popped back into the role of Iron Man and made my way across the Savage Land.

To make a brief statement about Gazillion’s efforts here, Marvel Heroes is a greatly improved game and I’m having a blast with it. In fact, it feels like a completely different game. Almost just like the transition from PC Diablo 3 to console Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes in its current state compared to the launch product is one hell of an upgrade and an experience that all Action RPG fans should at least install and delve into once.

That isn’t to say that the game still doesn’t have its bugs and issues. However, compared to June’s product, you almost have to stand up and applaud what Gazillion has done with Marvel Heroes.

While some strange lag still appears in certain sections of the game, it is a much smoother game. Character balance is at a great place right now and the team is still evaluating each and every ability and two stats they have coined as Time to Kill (TTK) and Time to Live (TTL). Every character is getting a review where Gazillion goes through each ability, gets rid of bad ones, improves most of them, and they may even add a couple of new skills. Some characters have already received these reviews and are a lot of fun now.

These are just some of the changes and improvements Gazillion has made but as you can see, they are putting a lot of effort into Marvel Heroes to make it a must play game.



Ghost Rider has the ability to leave hellfire in his wake while riding his motorcycle. Just the kind of joy ride everyone needs.


New Additions and Characters

Marvel Heroes launched with just about 20 character back in June and by the end of 2014 the game will have near 40. 2013 saw the release of Emma Frost, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Human Torch, Loki, Luke Cage, and Squirrel Girl. 2014 is looking to add at least 12 new characters in Doctor Strange, Invisible Woman, Juggernaut, Magento, Moon Knight, Nightcrawler, Nova, Psylocke, Silver Surfer, Star-Lord, and Venom.

There is even talk of other characters that may hit in 2014 but look more likely for 2015 like X-23, Beast, Reed Richards, and more.

The point here is that with each character addition to Marvel Heroes, the game gains a new way to play. Each character has their own playstyle, skills, and experience. The story and features may stay the same but after playing through the game with over 10 heroes, I found it fresh each time thanks to the amount of variety and effort put into each hero.

Even existing heroes such as The Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, and the others are going to be reviewed to be better playable characters and enrich the experience of those who own them, creating even more replay value.

Aside from heroes, Marvel Heroes will continue to add new story chapters (the next one is teased at the end of the new Siege content) and new ways for players to experience the game while leveling or after hitting level 60. Already, players have the options of running Midtown Manhattan patrols, defending the X-Mansion from waves of enemies, running dungeons with varying difficulties through Terminals, and the now-released-but-still-in-beta PvP.

Gazillion has teased some upcoming content but mostly talked about adding a new type of Terminal called Cosmic Terminals. Cosmic is a term used in-game for a high type of item rarity, which suggested that Cosmic Terminals will be a great way to find end game loot and gear for your heroes if they can survive tough challenges.

With all of this talk about content for 2014, there’s no way you can deny that Gazillion has all hands on deck to make this year huge for Marvel Heroes.



Iron Man’s House Party skill brings in the calvary.


2014 Season Pass

Gazillion is offering a way for die hard fans of Marvel Heroes to snatch the upcoming 2014 heroes for a great price. Considering that each new hero costs anywhere between $9 and $15 to unlock via the cash option, and the fact that the season pass comes with each hero’s special inventory space and a lot of other items, the prices may seem high to some but the bargain lies beyond the price tag.

For instance, the Deluxe Advanced Pack for 2014 includes all 12 heroes announced for 2014 (two of which have not been unveiled yet), 12 special S.T.A.S.H. inventories for each new hero, one extra costume for each new hero, two special costumes (Wolverine “Fear Itself” and Gambit “As Death” Enhanced) given to pack owners one month before release in the store, and 24 Fortune Cards for three of the upcoming card packs (Mark IV, V, and VI). That pack costs $129.99 and has an approximate value of $425.00.

Obviously that sort of spending is for huge fans and if you’re looking for just the heroes and none of the extras, there is another Advanced Pack for $99.99 and has an approximate value of $215.00. You can read more about these 2014 Advance Packs (which are more like Season Passes) here.


Is Marvel Heroes Worth Playing in 2014?

If you couldn’t tell by now, I am excited at what Gazillion has in store for this game in 2014. This team has done a lot to improve their product and deliver an exciting experience for Action RPG fans and Marvel fans.

Is Marvel Heroes worth playing in 2014? Absolutely. Head to Steam, install the game, and pick your free hero to start beating up AIM and a bunch of other established villains in the Marvel universe. You have free pickings at one beginner hero and they are Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Colossus, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Luke Cage, Punisher, Storm, and Thing.

I definitely suggest using Steam as your game launcher as it will keep your client updated all the time and is generally easier to use.

If you decide to give Marvel Heroes a fair shake, look me up in-game under the player name Cennus and we’ll patrol Manhattan together and hunt some Doops.


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  1. Germaximus

    Very nice article. I don’t agree about the “bargain” though. Just because they overprice their items and then offer them at a “discount” does not make them appealing to sensible gamers. $120 for a single character pack that doesn’t even get you every single character in the game and costs double a regular game? Yeah, right. Fact is though you can play this game 100% free so I can’t help but love it. It is pure awesome.

  2. mrelite354

    GermaximusBut the pack is for every hero that comes out this year
    SO in a way its just another ultimate pack for the newer heroes

  3. Ron Hoffecker

    Germaximus I see where you’re coming from but the way I look at is that the Advanced Pack will offer me something new each month. I’m a fan of this game and I want to keep coming back to it. As a writer on this site, I have a lot of games I need to check out, play through, and talk about. Having the Advanced Pack will ensure that I come back and play each and every month in 2014.

    As I say in the article, it may just be for a huge fans of the game, but since I want to keep coming back and playing new content, I felt the pack was worth purchasing. For everyone else, there’s an Eternity Splinter waiting to drop from a Maggia Capo’s corpse.

  4. tchad78

    Think of heroes as a monthly sub.  

    OR Look at Diablo 3, their expansion pack will not be free content and you only get one new class.  12 heroes (classes) for 99.99 and free content vs. 1 class and paid content for $50?

  5. bundyal

    Lol guy this is the most expensive game ever played. I really don’t mind them charging for heroes and costumes but if you buy any similar games you get the classes for free. Diablo might be a bad example but you can get the original and addon for less than 50$. So 50$ for 6 classes and all the content. In marvel that gets you 3 heroes. Diablo3 with the addon gets you look and weapons customization. Marvel will charge you another 50$ for 3 new looks for your new heroes. Leveling takes so long it’s frustrating and forces you to buy xp potions. Not to mention endgame. For marvel is grind till 60 than level another hero. For Diablo it’s all about loot. You can actually build and advance your chars through items. In marvel there is none. You only get one stash and thatone is full so quick, considering you have many heroes even quicker, that you are again forced to buy more of them. I sure liked the game when it first launched but now it just feels like ”frustrate you till you spend money” kind of game. If you are happy trying it out go ahead. If you are willing to invest money and actually get your hero to epic proportions, buy something else. The state the game currently is in is not worth your money.

  6. tchad78

    bundyal Most expensive ever…

    I see why you’re upset, you don’t understand.  Here, let me help.  Any non Free to play mmo costs more from the monthly fee and box cost.  This may be a hybrid MMO, but it is also 100% free for every single part of the game except storage space (which is also technically free as many freeloaders create new accounts to store their non Bound items.

    You must not have played in awhile, leveling is very quick and easy now – without pots (although you get a free one when leveling and should save it for the later levels for even faster boosts).

    I’m sorry if you don’t like the game, but none of your complaints hold water.  I assume you’re a troll – the internet has jaded me, so I won’t feed you anymore than this post.

  7. BonApetite

    I actually agree with bundyal to some extent. Game is quite fun to play if you enjoy leveling the heroes, it sure takes some time 😀 If you want a good bargain, good epic loot and satisfying end game than please move on. Play it for free and that’s it. Some aspects are really a ”money grab” and pointless grind.

  8. bundyal

    tchad78sorry but i just cannot agree. For example take lotro. It’s free to play it offers 10,000 the times of content marvel does and if you pay subscription you get all the content. Pots…sure you get 3 pots of 50% boost in 20h of gameplay. That sure isn’t much considering you would need 15 100% boosts to level one hero in a decent 15 hours time. Storage space is insanely overpriced and costumes are too. Each boost costs 100Gs so that’s 1500Gs that rougly translate to 10$. But this is not as stated the worst problem. The biggest one is loot. You cannot build you character to godlike proportions. The items for that don’t exist. Not to mention constant skill changes and updates that give the game absolutely no stability as it is. It’s just to expensive and feels like playing Beta product. My complaints do hold a lot of water. If you like developing your characters with epic loot this game is not for you. Plain and simple. As i said D3 is still a better bargain.

  9. Germaximus

    bundyal lol What? While I understand and agree about the pricing in Marvel Heroes, I think you’re way off about the gameplay. You said Diablo is all about loot. Marvel Heroes is nothing but a non stop loot machine. And unlike Dialbo 3, Marvel Heroes offers awesome and rewarding loot. I love Diablo 3 as a game, but the loot system is disgusting and horrible and they should be ashamed of themselves for it. Marvel Heroes loot also enhances your characters with new skills, procs, and abilities.

    Marvel Heroes is superior to Diablo in every day. =p

  10. Germaximus

    bundyal In Marvel Heroes you start with “godlike powers” at level 1 and it only gets better. =p

  11. WaleDavis

    GermaximusbundyalWhat is the point of loot, if you cant even see it on your character, they should have used the system DCUO uses so you can mix and match items to give your character a unique look.

  12. Germaximus

    WaleDavis Germaximus bundyal lol Wholly crap! I think that’s kind of a ridiculous argument. So if Diablo 3 has all this really cool looking gear but the stats suck huge ass and you die everywhere you go because of it, you’re happy that you at least look cool?

    I get it. That is one of the crappier things about Marvel Heroes but at the same time, we’re playing as familiar characters so not changing looks all the time kind of makes sense.

    In DCUO you create your own characters. You are not playing as Superman or Batman. If you were, you probably wouldn’t be customizing them as much as you can the characters you create. They would probably have different skins to choose from though, like Marvel Heroes.

    The point of loot is to increase the stats and power of your character. At least in Marvel Heroes stats actually matter and gear is actually rewarding, unlike Diablo 3. I will say this again, Diablo 3 is a really great game. The loot is just absolutely disgusting and I really do think they should be ashamed of themselves for it.

  13. JamieFontaine

    the game is good and fun to play !
    but the ethics behind the game for the business it self is poorly done.
    I was member of this game and paid for each heroe that came out and when it came tgo silver surfer I was banned from the game before I coudl even play him or try him out on the test server.
    cause of a comment some one else said on the forums and I just repeated it.

  14. JamieFontaine

    I told the truth about the comment and stuff and even had screen shots about it all too.
    to prove i was just repeating what their gold member gamer was saying.
    cause they was all up set about the delay on silver surfing coming out and how 1 rep told us all on the forums we could all test silver surfer out on test center when the annouce the testing.
    it went the other way around when the other rep came back from a vaction.
    and every one was up set.
    and cause I repeated some elses forum post and agree to it.
    I got banned from the game for life and my money I spent on purchasing silver surfer I did not get refunded at all.
    this game company is a bunch frauders and they did the same crap to a couple of 1000 other gamers too.
    but know one comes fourth about it like I have.
    I even tried emailing Marvel,inc them self about it.
    and no repply back.
    I will be making a youtube video about this and posting in the video the emails they sent to me,.
    I saved them all. and the screen shots of the forums chat too.
    like i said the game it self is fun ! but dealing with cheats and scam artist and frauders that host and run the game I would not bother to play it cause its not F2P all the other heroes you have to pay for or grind and grind grind to save up crystals to get one hero for free.
    and then gamers have trouble with that too.
    and if yo0u smack talk or bad mouth the GMS on any thing they banned you no matter if its the truth or not !!
    there is No freedom of speech on their game forums or in the game it self.
    there is No human rights either !!

  15. JamieFontaine

    all they do is defraud you and steal from your bank !!!
    and they think their untouchable !!
    well I got news for them I gave them time to come out honest and refund me or let me play the game again with all my heroes i paid for back on my account.
    and they wont respond to any of the request.
    so I be filling my last report to the FBI internet fraud online and BBB and consumer reports and the attorney generals office !!!
    and pressing theft and fraud charges against them and whoever wants to join me that had this done to to them as well, is welcome to join me in taking them to court and slandering their business online and in the media news world wide..

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