Leviathyn Minute Rush Hour 01/03/2014

Good evening everyone, I’m your host Stephen Basile and today is Friday, January 3rd 2014 and here is your rush hour, Leviathyn Minute.

Attacks on multiple game providers and retailers by DERP have forced many to go offline. Last night, Origins login servers are just the latest in what has been an ongoing attack on many game services. The source of the attack? According to Kotaku, these attacks have been carried out by DERP (a hacking/troll group) to target one player, YouTuber PhantomL0rd. It appears any game he tries to play online via his Twitch channel, DERP takes down either the channel or the game in which he is trying to play.

So far Steam, Origin, Battle.net, and League of Legends authentication servers have been affected from DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service. The DDOS attack acts like a virtual flood, flooding the weakest point in the game service’s network, most likely the authentication servers, where an easy bottleneck can occur.

Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, co-founders of Criterion Games have decided to leave EA. In a tweet, Ward says that he “just decided to start afresh and form a new games company with Fiona Sperry.” But the direction should come as a surprise to no one, not long ago Criterion lost about 80% of its talent, which moved to Ghost Games inside EA. Ghost works exclusively on the Rivals series and the latter was left to work on a new project.

Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct has received its first update today, the update has swapped out the free-to-play character Jago and replace him with Sabrewulf, moving Jago behind the paywall. The update also includes game fixes and rank changes, to see the listing of rank changes, you can head on over to Double Helix’s forums in the show notes.

Capcom has trademarked PS4 exclusive title Deep Down for North America. In July, Capcom trademarked the Japanese exclusive RPG for Northern America, the trademarked became public knowledge on December 17th. While no confirmation from Capcom about the title, little suggestion is needed to say the game will most likely make it to US shores.

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