Leviathyn Minute – 01/02/2014 Rush Hour

Good evening everyone, I’m your host Stephen Basile and today is January 2nd, 2014. We’re ringing in the new year with today’s Leviathyn Minute.

The first Playstation 4 ad has finally arrived in Japan. It would seem Sony’s next generation console, the PlayStation 4, will be hitting the shelves in Japan on February 22nd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=r6nd_WlLXsQ

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC has been revealed for the new year and it will star Mr. Freeze. WB Games Montreal leaked that the next DLC setting for Batman will take place in Wayne Manor and will feature one of Batman’s coldest foes, Mr. Freeze. No details have yet been given on the story but speculation from some expect extensive boss battles in the next release with Mr. Freeze. No date has yet been confirmed for the release.

Look out, Devil’s Third is expected to see the light this year. In a recent end-of-the year interview with 4Gamer’s and Valhalla Game Studios, Valhalla has confirmed that the former THQ’s title, Devil’s Third, is now 80% complete and is expected for release later this year. Valhalla apologized for the delay sighting that the game needed to be polished and that this is one of  the reasons for working on it independently. The Devil’s Third is expected later this year for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Activision has removed Deadpool, its Spiderman and XMen games from all digital stores yesterday. The games include, Deadpool, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, X-Men: The Official Game, X-Men Destiny and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. No word on why of the removal.

400,000 people have purchased DayZ during its first week on Steam’s Early Access. In a Tumblr post, creator Dan Hall notes that over 400k people have purchased the game since its launch on December 16th, 40k people are currently playing, and 3 patches have been released. The sales have pushed the game to the number one position on Steams store front.

Square Enix has a teaser website for a game called Destiny 8. The site shows the Square Enix and Gloops inc logos, which may suggest a Final Fantasy cross over for mobile devices. The announcement is expected on January 8th. http://destiny-viii.jp/

Here are Today’s New Releases:

Sega has announced that a mobile “sequel” to 2012’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is available now. The iOS and Android version adds new modes, 75 new events, and a new World Tour.

On the Nintendo eShop:

For the 3DS:

Demo version of Bravely Default

Bird Mania Christmas 3D

Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot


And for 3DS Virtual Console, Mario Tennis

For the Wii U:

Dr. Luigi


And for the Wii U Virtual Console:

Mega Man X2 and Super Punch-Out!!

This week on the Leviacast join host Cassidee Moser, Jason Kwon, and Aaron Randolph as they ring in the new year on their “Top 10 best/worst” games for 2013. You won’t wanna miss this, this Wednesday, January 8th.

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