Indie Game Nidhogg Coming Soon

Nidhogg, the minimalist side-scrolling sword fighting game, by creator Mark “Messof” Essen is coming to Steam this January 13th. The announcement came via a YouTube trailer (show below) which shows off parts of the Castle, Clouds, and Mines scenes in the game. Nidhogg has been in the indie scene for some time now, winning its first award in 2010 and its most recent award at Indiecade in 2013. One could say Nidhogg has been a game waiting for its day in the sun. IndieGames reported back in July that the game was expected for release some time later in the year. Make sure to grab your digital copy of the game via Steam this January 13th.

Nidhogg is a simple, yet crazy button smashing side-scrolling sword fighting game. Squeezing all those combative moves (stabs, sword-throws, punches, dive kicks, ledge grabs, rolling evades, and wall jumps) into two buttons, Nidhogg, created a name for itself in the indie scene. While the showcased version of the game in the past was only a two player game, the final version will contain up to an eight-player tournament and multiplayer online version.

Check out the trailer of Nidhogg below: