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Rockstar Responds to Cheating Reports

As with any game that is connected to the internet, you run the risk of hackers interfering with normal gameplay and putting the odds in their favor.  So it was a surprise to no one that GTA Online was hacked and that cheating, while not running rampant, was occurring. Rockstar has responded to player complaints and was working hard on a solution to the problem according to a recent message that they sent out to players.  Not only is Rockstar working to fix the cheating but they are also working on methods that will prevent future problems like this from happening again.

The most blatant of the cheating has occurred in huge GTA$ payouts through manipulating the weaknesses that hackers have found in the game and those sums will be the first thing to go.  However if you are GTA Online rich don’t worry, as long as you didn’t come by your fortune through ill gotten means then you have nothing to fear from the coming purge.

Rockstar has posted a full comment:


It looks like Rockstar has everything well in hand and players should soon be seeing some relief when it comes to the antics of hackers.  Hopefully Rockstar will provide another update into what’s happening with GTA Online soon.

Source: Reddit

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