Madoka Magica Episode 11 Review: The Best of Intentions

At long last, Walpurgisnacht has arrived. This has been hyped up pretty much since earlier in the show, and it is about time that she showed up. However, her arrival leaves for a very disappointing payoff. But if this episode doesn’t make you feel bad for poor old Homura, then I honestly don’t know what will.

Kyube approaches Homura in her crazy futuristic apartment and discusses the fact that she is from another timeline. To Kyube, this finally answers a few questions it had regarding the inexplicable potential that Madoka has. Unfortunately, in Homura’s quest to find a way to save Madoka she ultimately only causes more problems for her. It is revealed that every time Homura does the time warp, it boosts Madoka’s potential power as a magical girl.

MM11_screenshot1Kyube, lord of exposition, visits Madoka once she returns from Sayaka’s funeral. He explains at great length how Incubators like him have been making contracts with girls throughout human history and that the only reason humans advanced at all was because of them. You know, because humans are clearly incapable of doing anything on their own. The series loses me a little at this point, as it is rather cliché at this point to have some other force be the reason behind our progressing civilization.

Later, Madoka goes to visit Homura. There Madoka learns more about Walpurgisnacht and then the truth about Homura. Homura snaps out of her cold demeanor and hugs Madoka tightly while crying. In a way that the previous episode did not show, we finally see the weight that Homura carries. We see the burden that she bears in desperately trying to save a friend who doesn’t remember her every time she turns back the clock. Homura swears that she can take down Walpurgisnacht no matter what.

MM11_screenshot3Speaking of Walpurgisnacht, a massive storm comes in that heralds her arrival. Homura, walking past a massive parade of nightmarish cartoons and ignoring them like they elephant in the room they are, approaches and looks upon Walpurgisnacht. So Walpurgisnacht is a witch that is so powerful that she does not need to hide in a labyrinth. She cannot be killed by only one magical girl. She is so powerful that just her mere presence will kill countless people. Such a witch would, naturally, have a very badass character design, right? Unfortunately no. Walpurgisnacht is not badass and in fact looks like a blue renaissance version of Maleficent. Yeah, I have no idea what they were thinking in making her look like that.

Homura unleashes everything she has on Walpurgisnacht. She fires countless missiles, rocket launchers, RPGs, mortars, and all sorts of other military grade equipment at the witch. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t launch a few nukes as well. Heck she even throws a vehicle at Walpurgisnacht at one point. Yet in spite of all this, that isn’t enough to take down the witch. Meanwhile at the evacuation shelter, Madoka goes out toward the exit to look out at the fierce storm and think about Homura. Kyube encourages her to go take a look. Madoka’s mother comes and tries to stop Madoka from leaving at first, but is then persuaded by her daughter to let her go.

MM11_screenshot8Meanwhile, things are not going well for Homura. Her foot is trapped under some rubble and it is pretty clear she won’t be getting up anytime soon. She can’t use the time warp either, because that will cause even more problems for Madoka. Frustrated and helpless, Homura cries and starts to succumb to her despair. Her soul gem begins to go black, but stops when Madoka approaches her. Facing Walpurgisnacht, Madoka is ready to put an end to it for good.

I’d say this episode really hits home just how much Madoka meant to Homura. She was willing to go through that month over and over again to try and save Madoka. No matter how many times she failed, she kept trying. I couldn’t help but feel really bad for her. As Kyube said earlier in the episode, wishes aren’t meant to exist in that reality so they inevitably cause distortions that can destroy the wish that a magical girl made. So no matter what, Homura would never be able to save Madoka. Her wish was doomed from the start.

MM11_screenshot9Once again a very familiar scene will play out before Homura, with Madoka on the verge of making a contract with Kyube and becoming the most powerful magical girl in the world. However, that means that Madoka is the ticking time bomb that will start the apocalypse. It will only get worse, and honestly joke’s on Kyube if she becomes a witch and starts destroying worlds beyond Earth. So much for your “use human teenage girls to save the universe plan” huh?