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Hello Games Announces Joe Danger Infinity For IOS

Hello Games may have just debuted their new game No Man’s Sky, and may have had an incredible release with Joe Danger Touch, but they’re already announcing a new secret project that promises to be completely fresh: Joe Danger Infinity.

As the name may suggest, Joe Danger Infinity features endless gameplay and it’s the biggest Joe Danger game to date, so be prepared for some pretty awesome stuff. As far as story, King Gumball and the rest of the toys in the magic gumball machine come alive when opened, and you get to play not only as Joe Danger but also two dozen other new characters! Joe has been shrunk down in size to play in the world, pulling stunts across the floor, crashing through Christmas dinner and much more. It also features about 20 new vehicles, including cars, airplanes and even a tank (perfect for me then) and it’s a more competitive game than ever before, with a huge focus on scoring and competing with your friends.

Joe Danger Infinity

Currently there isn’t a release date, but we do know it’s coming “really soon” and we should be getting some more updates shortly! Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Joe perform some epic stunts.

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