Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 5: Three Is A Crowd

It’s that time again, that’s right it’s time for Sailor Moon filler stories! Episode 8 and 9 do not add anything new to the story beyond interaction between the three Sailor Scouts. We’ve got clashing personalities like Serena and Rei fighting constantly, with Luna and Amy trying to keep the two from killing one another. Along the way, more of Jedite’s plans are foiled much to the dismay of Queen Beryl. Honestly, you’d think Jedite would try moving his plans somewhere other than Tokyo. The Negaverse would accomplish so much if they would expand out to other places in the world that are not in Sailor Scout controlled territory.

First up, we have a theme park where over fifty people have gone missing within the first few days of it opening. Realistically, that park would be forcibly shut down by the authorities if there were that many missing person reports coming from that place. Serena, Rei, Amy, and Luna are all there while taking a break, which is rather convenient for all involved. The majority of the group decides it would be best to investigate and see if the Negaverse has something to do with the missing people. Of course, all Serena wants to do is have fun and goof off as always.

SM5_screenshot1Amusingly enough there is an encounter with Darien on a a small train that looks silly enough since it is driven by a panda. There is an amusing moment where Rei states that Darien looks a lot like Tuxedo Mask, which Serena dismisses almost immediately. Let’s see, same hair style and the same voice. Yeah Darien is clearly not Tuxedo Mask at all, just like how Clark Kent is totally not Superman. Oh well, the Sailor Scouts will figure it out eventually.

Of course, the Sailor Scouts finally uncover the sinister plot of the Negaverse. While Amy is in a great deal of danger, all Serena can think about is the candy and deserts that are inside the same building as their friend who could be dead for all they know. This is our protagonist folks, be afraid. As usual the monster runs circles around the Sailor Scouts, and Tuxedo Mask has to show up and save the day. Although this time the monster uses illusions to trick Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars into riding brooms around a warehouse like fools, it was slightly amusing. For the first time ever, we see Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars combine attacks in order to take out the monster of the day. So at least this time credit for the kill doesn’t go to Sailor Moon alone.

SM5_screenshot4Next up we have Rei cheating at a contest in order to get tickets for a cruise that happens to be yet another Negaverse plot to take more energy. Seriously, if the Negaverse would just move their operations to America or something they’d be able to unleash Queen Metalia (aka the Negaforce) upon the world within a week or two. I’ve heard of tunnel vision, but focusing on one city for this invasion is just completely asinine. Queen Beryl is not very good at this whole military thing evidently. Anyway, this doomed plan involves Jedite and his latest monster of the day friend getting a bunch of couples onto a boat and stealing all their energy.

Rei takes Amy with her, as she doesn’t have a boyfriend to go with. Which leads to a lot of other couples getting the wrong idea. Of course, Serena decides to stalk her friends and infiltrates the boat while disguised as a photographer. On the boat she encounters Jedite whom is disguised as the captain of the ship, at least he figured out how to change his hair so it is a little less obvious that it is him. This is actually a rather interesting scenario as it is one of the few times where Tuxedo Mask doesn’t need to come to the rescue as the Sailor Scouts end up being more than capable of taking out the latest monster of the day.

SM5_screenshot7While the dynamic of this particular trio is interesting to watch, and entertaining when Serena and Rei bicker and argue, I find myself eagerly awaiting for the next Sailor Scout to arrive and the advancement of the story beyond Jedite’s half baked plans for acquiring energy. I don’t remember which happens next, but I know we will find out very soon. Anyway that is all for now, the next part will be posted in the very near future. With 100% less badly done PSAs at the end of each episode. I’m looking at you DIC Entertainment.