Ouya On Sale For Sixty Bucks With Code

Although the Ouya didn’t exactly set the gaming world on fire (like some thought it would), a few people have got enjoyment out of their Android-based console.  Sure, that may be almost entirely due to emulation and Towerfall, but hey, fun gaming is fun gaming, right?  However, it was difficult for many to justify paying the $99 price tag just to play some classic games and one (admittedly awesome) indie title.  However, if you are interested in one, now seems like a perfect time to buy one, as a limited offer lets you get a new one for $59.

In honor of the release of the new Ouya game Killing Floor: Calamity, users can head over to the Ouya website, input the code “calamity” and get your $59 console with free shipping.  The Ouya seems to be a very divisive console: Some people think it is something that every gamer should have, especially those interested in classic games via emulation.  Others believe that your money would be better spent on 600 pieces of Laffy Taffy.  With the price of the Ouya now in the same realm as a brand new video game for one of the “true” home consoles, I fall somewhere in the middle.  Sixty might be a bit steep for me right now, but I’ve little doubt I could squeeze out $59 worth of entertainment from the Ouya.  Note that the “enter code” option comes near the end of the payment process, so you’ll go through a few steps before you see exactly what you are paying.

For those interested, now would be a good time to scoop it up, as this deal is for a limited time only.  Does a price drop make you consider purchasing one?  Or is this a deal for suckers?  Leave us your thoughts.