Blizzard Brings Recruit A Friend Program Back To WoW

If you are a World of Warcraft player, chances are you have probably tried to introduce a friend or two to the game, probably even successfully.  Despite the fact that it is almost ten years old, Blizzard still feels like there is an untapped demographic out there, so they have reinstated their Recruit a Friend program to try to bring in some fresh blood.

The way it works is simple:  If you bring a new player in, you get various rewards and bonuses, including new mounts, extra experience and even free play credits.  If you recruit a player and he buys one month, you get one month of free game time.  If he buys two months, you get one of eight epic mounts or pets (your choice).  In addition, the following bonuses are being offered to help ensure that the newbies keep playing:

  • Recruit and veteran characters can summon one another to each other’s locations.
  • While adventuring together in a party, you will each gain triple experience up to level 85, as long as your characters are within 4 levels of each other.
  • For every two levels the recruit’s characters earn, one grantable level is gained. Recruit characters may then grant these levels to the veteran player’s character as long as the character is lower in level than the level-granting character.

While the rewards for new players are obvious, this could be a boon for people who want to start alt characters.  While I wonder exactly how many new players WoW can bring in at this point, you certainly can’t fault them for trying.  For all the details, click here to check out Blizzard’s page on the matter.