The Legend of Zelda Meets….Dynasty Warriors?

Yes you read that right, and no, this isn’t a fever dream.

Announced at the most recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has announced they and Tecmo Koei will be releasing a Dynasty Warriors/ Legend of Zelda crossover called, right now at least, Hyrule Warriors.  Not much is known about the project yet, but the trailer (seen below) makes it look exactly like you think it might.  The art style, even at this early stage, is beautiful; Link looks great in action, and the attacks and particle effects look particularly impressive.  True to form, the game looked very much like a Dynasty Warriors title as well.  Link can be seen mowing through dozens of passive enemies, but the big beast shown in the trailer looks like an interesting wrinkle to the formula.  Link can even be seen using what appears to be the fire rod at one point.

It’s not the strangest collaboration I’ve seen, but I think it is safe to say not many saw this coming.  Dynasty Warriors still holds a special place in my heart, though, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about it, and there can never be too much Zelda.  Check out the trailer to get a glimpse of the craziness.

What are your thoughts on this mash-up?  Is it just too much?  Are you excited for it?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts.


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  1. Critical_Hit

    I like this, actually. First off, Nintendo Directs DESPERATELY NEED
    MORE SURPRISES LIKE THIS. Secondly, this should be a fun &
    interesting Zelda spinoff – kinda like Link’s Crossbow Training. Just
    take that universe and do something out-of-character with the potential
    to be fun, like having Link mow down thousands of monsters at a time 🙂
    Thirdly, this should be good for Omega Force and the Dynasty Warriors
    brand, as it’s clear already from this trailer that Zelda tropes like
    items, magic, and boss creatures/enemy variety seem to be adding some
    much needed diversity to the Warriors’ formula. Not to mention, the
    aesthetic gets a nice blast of style & color. 

    is a safe choice, as Tecmo-Koei seems to be Nintendo’s bestest buddies
    occasionally. Remember, Team Ninja developed Metroid Other M for them.
    Pokemon Conquest was a thing. And Tecmo’s almost always been there with a
    game or two for their hardware when they needed it, ever since the
    Gamecube (I count Mystic Heroes as a Dynasty Warriors game). DOA
    Dimensions helped launch the 3DS, and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge helped
    launch the Wii U. It’s clear that Tecmo Koei meshes with Nintendo’s
    corporate culture; to the point where, if they’re ever in danger of
    going out of business, I bet Nintendo would buy them outright. So this
    is a safe bet for them. The Wii version of Samurai Warriors even tied
    into the prototypical Zelda game, Murasama (Muramasa?) Castle, remember?
    Regardless of all that, this is a pleasant surprise and something that
    should hopefully be cool. Hopefully, Nintendo’s also being efficient and
    planning on reusing some of these assets for the next Zelda game. I’d
    hate it if they had to pull Monolith away from Xenoblade 2 for some
    outsourcing again, like they did with Skyward Sword. I wouldn’t mind
    seeing this Link in the next console Zelda adventure – his blue scarf
    and shoulder armor look really cool.

    Oh also,
    FINALLY, we’ll get a game where we can kick ass as the ladies, right? I
    mean, that’s inevitable. The warriors of Hyrule (I bet that’ll be the
    final name, btw) are more numerous than just Link. There’s Princess
    Zelda (who never got to wield her sword in Twilight Princess, but
    usually has magic and the Light Arrows). There’s her alter-egos like
    Shiek and, if they want to redesign her for the more mature Zelda style,
    Tetra. There’s Midna, with her giant scarf-arm thingie. There are a ton
    of characters Omega Force could pull from, or add new characters to the
    Zelda canon. I’m excited to see other characters join Link in his
    battle against evil.

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