sanctum 2 last stand

Chamber of Game: Sanctum 2 DLC: The Last Stand

Platform: Windows PC
Developer: Coffee Stain Studios
Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
Release Date: 12/12/2013


Just when you thought you could get out, they pull you back in. In this episode of Chamber of Game, Eric and Andrew take a look at one of Andrew’s favorite game’s from this year – Coffee Stain Studios’ Sanctum 2. Combining the basic survival set-up of a tower defense game with multiple enemy waves and the ability to create your own maze of walls and towers with that of a first person shooter lets you get right into the thick of things alongside your towers and your fellow Core Guardians.

The latest Sanctum 2 DLC, The Last Stand, provides an additional four maps with new enemies, two new weapons, two new towers, and 8 additional perks. Coffee Stain Studios has consistently pumped out downloadable content throughout the year, with The Last Stand being the fourth in the series of DLC Packs, and free if you purchased the Season Pass. The Last Stand also incorporates enemies and additions from the previous DLCs in these final four maps.

Andrew test drives one of the new maps and plays around with new weapons and towers – especially the super satisfying Orbital Strike Relay tower. You can check out another Chamber of Game highlighting a previous Sanctum 2 DLC – Road to Elysion, and read our review of Sanctum 2.

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