Tesla Effect Releases Third Official Trailer

Big Finish Games released a third trailer for Tesla Effect yesterday, along with 16 new real-time gameplay screenshots. At just under a minute and a quarter, the trailer’s a great deal shorter than the previous outing, but it feels just as impressive. This appears much closer to being a finished product.


Ahh, Chandler Avenue. In the moonlight, New San Francisco sparkles like a chunk of cubic zirconia….

The trailer gives us a look at some new in-game environments that appear fabulously detailed, some fantastic 3D animation, some Inception-y trailer music, and of course, more of the live-action clips that Tex Murphy games are famous for.

Tex's office is looking rather spiffy.

Tex’s office is looking rather spiffy. Wait, Tex has multiple colored fedoras?! WHAT?! Oh, I HAVE to see him wearing the purple one….

At last report, the game was still in a pre-alpha stage, so the previously reported release date of January 2014 may be inaccurate – the trailer merely states “Coming 2014”. Tesla Effect is being published by Atlus.

An intriguing in-game interior curiously labeled "Swamp House".

An intriguing in-game interior curiously labeled “Swamp House”.

For more Tesla Effect information and the rest of the new in-game screenshots, visit TexMurphy.com.