Microsoft Is Counting Down to 2014 With Daily Deals

As we all look ahead to the holidays and what brand new games we want to play, Microsoft is taking a glance backwards as we march towards the new year.  With a slew of deals available until Dec. 23rd, and a new deal every day until 2014, Microsoft is giving you one last chance to stuff your 360s hard drive with games you will play once and forget about…if you are anything like me, that is.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has all the details, but there is some substantial savings here.  The deal kicks off with a bang, with Microsoft offering Borderlands 2 at 75% off, and its various DLC offerings at 50% off.  (It is worth noting that Sony recently gave PlayStation Plus members this game for free.)  Tomorrow gamers can look forward to snagging Terraria at 67# off.

In addition to the daily deals (which will hopefully keep up with the quality of those two games), there are a ton of longer deals you may be interested in.  Click the link above for the full list, but here are some notables you may want to check out:

BioShock Infinite – 65% off
X-Men: Destiny – 68% off
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom – 83% off
Deadpool – 60% off
Wreckateer – 90% off

We will have to wait and see how the daily deals pan out, but it looks like this could be a great way to stuff your digital stocking.

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