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Chamber of Game: Small World 2

Where can you find Seafaring Ghouls, Mounted Wizards, and Merchant Ratmen battling for supremacy on a much-too-small plot of land? If you’re well versed in tabletop gaming your answer is Small World, created by Philippe Keyaerts and published by Days of Wonder in 2009. Small World’s focus on tactical battles and territory supremacy with a fun art style quickly made it a best-selling game and endearing favorite to board gamers looking for a light-hearted but competitive strategy game. Small World tasks players with drafting a randomly combined Race and Power combination to create a unique army to conquer territories and spread mayhem. One victory point is earned for every region under your control. But this world is too small for every player once they begin to send their races into decline and bring in all new combos to quickly come in and wreak even more havoc. The original digital version was released for iPad in 2010 making it the first digital board game on the platform, albeit with limited support for only two players.

Fast-forward to 2013 and Days of Wonder finishes a successful Kickstarter campaign to update the digital version of Small World with the full game experience – up to five players, solo play with bots, asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer, and all the expansions for purchase. This new version, known as Small World 2, also finally found a home on Android and PC, the latter of which we explore in this episode of Chamber of Game.

Join Eric and Andrew as Eric eagerly dives into one of his favorite board games and proves that in a fantasy world gone mad, you should always bet on the Berserk Ratmen. For more on Small World 2, including our final verdict, read our review.

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Platform: PC (Also available on iPad, Android)

Developer: Days of Wonder

Publisher: Days of Wonder

Release Date: 12/11/2013