8 Tips For Let’s Play Beginners

With the recent growth of Let’s Play channel on Youtube there might be a few people out there that are thinking of giving Let’s Play a try. also with the release of the next generation of consoles trying to do a Let’s Play video might look tempting for some.  And, as someone that watches a decent amount of Lets Play vides here is seven tips that should help newcomers an those that are trying to improve their craft.

1) Pay attention:

Nothing is more annoying than watching a video and then having narrator ask what is going on despite it being explained about 5 seconds ago. Also it can get annoying to see a player constantly fail a certain section over and over. If you not comfortable enough to play and record commentary you can always film your gameplay and then record you commentary after you finish playing. That way you can focus on each task separately and not make too many mistakes.

2) Be yourself:

Unless you going to playing as a specific character or making a joke please just play as yourself. Don’t try and create a personality just for your videos it is really easy to tell when someone is not being genuine. Also by being yourself it is a lot easier to get across your true opinions on the game and make it more believable to the audience whether or not you enjoy a game.

3) Limit annotations & don’t remind us to subscribe or like the video:

For the sake of your audience please keep annotations to a minimum and keep them from being a distraction for a viewer.  The best use for annotations is too link previous and next videos if you are doing a series or to link to different games you are doing a Let’s Play for. Also, don’t ask for people to like or favorite your videos it comes off as needy and can turn people off. however, it is okay to ask people to subscribe at the end of the video or to follow you on other social media outlets.

4)Limit Cursing:

Unless you are going for a specific style of a Let’s Play show like Michael Jones’ Rage Quit please keep swearing to a minimum. That is not to say that a f-bomb here and there is not funny and when used well cursing can add some humor. But having every other word be a swear gets dull after a while and just comes off as immature.

5) Come prepared:

When you are doing a playthrough a game it is a good idea to not only know the developers and publisher but also know who the designer and voice actors are as well. You should be well versed in a series enough that if a charter appears in cut scene or battle you should at least have an idea as to who it is and you should be able to tell if any areas have been used before or if they have any type of significance to a story.

6) Enjoy yourself:

If you are thinking about getting into Let’s Play because you think it is a quick way to make money well then you should think of doing another line of work. The main reason you should be thinking of doing Let’s Plays is because you enjoy games and want to show people your enjoyment of games. It can take a lot of effort and time to gain an audience and if you are just doing this to make a quick buck you will not get far. Plus it is pretty easy to tell if someone is actually enjoy themselves or if they are just phoning it in.  Plus if you are not having fun then it will become harder to motivate yourself to continue doing videos.

7) Have good quality video and audio:

In order to become successful at doing Let’s Plays you will need a good video ad audio quality. Just pointing you camera at the screen will not do the trick you need to obtain a good video recorder and decent microphone. Thankfully there are a wide range of recorders and microphones that will almost everybody’s budget and need.

Reddit has an extensive list of microphones for all types of budgets.  

Also, here is a good list of different ways to record a Let’s Play

8) Engage your audience:

I know that YouTube comments can suck at times but at the very least read them. You can get some constructive feedback and suggestions for future videos. Also, engaging with your audience is a good way to build a up a fan base and to get a better understanding of what your audience likes or hates. Also, don’t be afraid to crowd source game ideas as your fans can give you game ideas you couldn’t have though of alone.

Finally if you are still nervous just remember to do the opposite of Generic Geoff.

PS. Make sure you stock up on some extra hard drives as gameplay video files can get big really quickly.