Leviathyn Staff Holiday Wishlist 2013

It’s that time of year again; a time where the realization that you haven’t played the year’s best blockbuster titles or mind-blowing indie games finally settles in. But don’t fret fellow readers! Whether it be grueling work hours, other real-life responsibilities or the inability to stop playing your favorite MOBA, everyone could use more time to play great games. We here, at Leviathyn, are all about saving time and decided that sharing our own personal wishlists might cut down on the thinking you might have to do before the holiday blitz comes to a close. Isn’t that nice of us?

Below you’ll find seven brief wishlists from our staff. Each writer was asked to be specific and to only choose a handful of items to throw onto the list. Know that what you’re about to read are things we lose sleep over because we don’t currently have them. Are we wrong to want them? Could we do better? Give us some suggestions and let us know if something is worthwhile in the comments!


EricWatsonprofilepicEric Watson
Wants: Fire Emblem: Awakening, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Expeditions: Conquistador, Gone Home, and The Stanley Parable

I got that fancy new pokémon 3DS XL earlier this year, and the only game I’ve bought and played is Pokémon Y. I’m definitely looking for some more 3DS games this holiday season and there have been some amazing ones released just this year. Specifically I’m longing for Fire Emblem: Awakening and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, two franchises that I adore but haven’t played with in a long time. I love the tactical combat of the Fire Emblem series, and Zelda’s reviews have been universally amazing.

With South Park: The Stick of Truth and Watch Dogs being pushed into 2014 the rest of my video game wishlist has shortened significantly. The inevitable Steam Holiday Sale is still always a joyous occasion, however, particularly for grabbing indie titles. I’ll be looking out for Expeditions: Conquistador, Gone Home, and The Stanley Parable to add to my ever-growing backlog.


Sarah BSarah Blackburn
Wants: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix, Resistance series, Dead Rising 3

I’ve been an Xbox fangirl for a while now, but with the lovely next-gen out now I caved and bought myself a Playstation 3. It may be a bit behind, but naturally that means that a LOT of Playstation 3 games are on my Christmas list this year. My first ones would probably have to be Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix. I’ve been in love with Kingdom Hearts from the beginning (I’ve got all the games currently available) so it’ll be awesome being able to complete my collection with these two titles. Anyone who has a Playstation 3 has been telling me to invest in these beauties. The Resistance series is also pretty high up there. I love FPS games and I’ve hijacked enough consoles to play these titles that I should probably get my own copies! Besides, after finishing Gears of War I need something new for when I feel the urge to shoot something. Don’t worry though, the two games I bought first were The Last of Us and GTA:V, so that’ll keep me entertained for a while!

There’s also Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One. I’m a huge fan of zombie games, and the third game promises to make the franchise much darker, grittier and yet keep that comedy edge. I’m really looking forward to tearing into some zombies with more weapons, and running over zombies never really gets boring for me. To be fair there are so many games I would like that I’d probably not have much time to play them all! Here’s hoping that Santa is really nice this Christmas though and brings me a few of these!


304165_10151674349010550_949761247_nAndrew Whipple III
Wants: SSD, second monitor, a better computer chair, Wii U, 3DS XL

Having jumped onto the next-gen bandwagon with the PlayStation 4, I’m content that there’s honestly no reason to own a true next-gen console right now. The Wii U? I’m still not sold on it, but having recently discovered the genius behind Super Mario 3D World, I’m thinking I’ll eventually have to get one to play it. On the same note, there’s plenty of good games for the 3DS even if Fire Emblem, A Link Between Worlds and a few others are my only draws; It’s a good time to own a 3DS.

What I really want though is hardware. My computer setup is very nice and I’ve recently been thinking of graduating to the very fine Solid State Drives (SSD) of the industry. I’ve also had the glorious experience of working with dual-monitors, which is now a must on my Christmas list. Oh and I may as well hope for a new computer chair because, well, the one I have right now just loses air randomly.


c86376Martine Barthelemy
Wants: Pikmin 3, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Anarchy Reigns, Disney Infinity, Lego: Marvel Superheroes

My heart beats Nintendo true and while I would love to plug this list with a new Zelda title, that unfortunately hasn’t been announced yet.  So I’ll have to settle for what titles are available in the here and now. Platinum Games has not disappointed me yet with other titles like the crazy and colorful Wonderful 101.  And I have to say that my PS4 is a bit lonely and waiting for some amazing games. So I’m leaning heavily on my Wii U and 3DS this holiday season.  Specifically I’m going for Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds two games that I have tried but never bought.  And from what I’ve seen two games that really deserve my full attention.

Of course you can see that The Witcher 3 is my dream holiday purchase but since that game isn’t coming until 2014, I’ve got to be a little more down to earth and choose some great titles on the PS3 like Anarchy Reigns another beat-em up from Platinum Games that I’ve heard really great things about but never played. Also on that list is Disney Infinity a game that I’ve been hearing some really amazing things about and finally Lego: Marvel Superheros a game that has been blowing people away. This is going to be a busy Christmas for me.


44548_1441236225743_283320_nAaron Randolph
Wants: Singularity, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Turtle Beach Ear Force Charlie, Steam (all of it)

I’m more of a PC gamer than anything lately, so my wishlist is tailored for making my PC gaming a better experience. Toward that end, there are some games on Steam I’ve had wishlisted for a while, most notably games from this generation that I’ve not had a chance to experience yet, like Singularity and Enslaved.

My PC setup is fairly awesome, with a big screen TV instead of a monitor, and a 5.1 surround sound speaker system, but it could still be better. Recent chances to play with a friend’s 5.1 SS headset have left me breathless and would probably irritate my roommates a little less, so I’m hoping for a Turtle Beach Ear Force Charlie to be among Santa’s bounty this year.

I’d like one of the better headsets, but money, as always, is an issue. But wait a minute. Why not ask for anything you can get? Why not have a little fun with my wishlist? In that case, I’d like the entire Steam library. And my PC game sound delivered to me in 7.1 surround sound by several Michael Winslow clones. I want to be a voice actor in a video game. And I want a video interview with Gabe Newell. And I want to stroke his beard. Gently. Shhh, Gaben, it’s okay. Daddy’s here.

starbound logo beta

Tanya McDermott
Wants: SMITE (everything that can be bought), Starbound

Probably the thing I want most right this minute is a Smite god-pack – if only because it infuriates me to spend so much time on a free-to-play game when I have over 450 games on Steam. My hipster side itches a little bit when I realize that I’ve come down with the MOBA bug, and I’m a little concerned that I’ve started to curse like a teenage boy when I get killed, but I can safely say I’m addicted. While I’m mostly satisfied playing the sexy Egyptian goddess Neith, a lot of the other gods appeal to me and the easiest way to get access to any one I want is the god pack!

Speaking of Steam, there are still quite a few games on my wishlist that I’ll be looking out for in the winter sale. I’m not sure any of them really stand out from others, but I will definitely be grabbing a 4-pack of Starbound (referred to as Terraria 2, or Terraria in Space, affectionately or otherwise). If I was totally honest, I only want it to build lots of pretty houses and make my friends mine lots of materials for me… Though I need to pick my friends more carefully this time as sometimes things can get a little… messy in terraforming games!


AlexSAlex Shedlock
Wants: PlayStation 4, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings

I was going to get it on release week, but long working hours and having too much to do left it at the back of my mind. So I missed the first pre-order wave; for Xmas I would love a PS4.

It’s not going to happen, but it sure would be nice. Specifically I’d love to play Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag without the framerate, resolution and loading time (that’s the big one) issues that last-gen had. I get giddy at the thought- I liked Assassin’s Creed 3 while so many seemed to hate it vehemently, so I’m saving myself for IV on the next-gen to make it a real improvement. I’m also interested in Killzone: Shadow Fall, but mostly just for the multiplayer. The multiplayer modes in KZ2 and 3 were incredible, definitely a couple of the most underrated multiplayer offerings in gaming history. Aside from that, I’d really love a couple of games from the ol’ backlog; The Witcher 2 specifically. I’ve been meaning to get into that thing forever.  It’s a good time to be a gamer.