Pillars of Eternity

Project Eternity Gets a New Name and Awesome Teaser Trailer

Obsidian Entertainment has announced the official title of their grand fantasy computer role playing game that started with a vision and ended with over four million in crowd-sourced funding. Project Eternity is now Pillars of Eternity, and a brand new gameplay teaser trailer makes this the big update that Obsidian has been teasing for weeks. The trailer shows off the engine in action for the first time as we get a sneak peak at both heroes and monsters running around a gorgeous map along with some new artwork, music, and gleeful spell animations. Set your nostalgia phasers to wistful and check it out below.

Throughout the last year Obsidian has been very open in their development process, releasing dozens of updates (this latest one is #69), screenshots, developer videos, and tons of information. The trend continues as a poll now exists for registered users on the website if they should add additional stretch goals while in the meaty development phase of production – mainly on adding new areas and companions, a time consuming process that Obsidian has hopefully figured out in terms of hours and cost.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, the Eternity website is still taking pre-orders and add-ons include physical rewards from the Kickstarter campaign. If you’re already a backer you can also increase your pledge amount to gain even more swag.


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