Chamber of Game: Starbound (Beta)

In the darkness you see it- torches fluttering from an unknown cave shaft. You plunge deeper as the world grows hotter and find a set of stairs – someone’s been here before. You carefully descend, noting the lava pits. Suddenly gunfire erupts in the distance, and a pair of cloaked bandits rush at you. You shoulder your pickaxe and level your blaster as your attackers close in, and you hear a horrifying shriek from something far below. Welcome to the randomly generated dungeon on Alpha Nusakan IV A.

Welcome to Starbound.

Starbound could easily be described as Terraria in space, but you’d be missing the improved progression system, the metric ton of items, weapons, and home furnishings, and the vastness of not just a procedurally generated sandbox world – but an entire universe of worlds. Oh and guns, quests, codex, and your very own spaceship capable of taking you to each and every planet among the stars. Starbound has been in development for years by the team at Chucklefish and the art style and gameplay will be instantly familiar to fans of 2011’s 2D sandbox hit Terraria. Having just been released into the wild as an early beta/early access title on Steam (available if you pre-order), Starbound lets players loose in its vast universe of randomly created planets full of distinct biomes with a myriad of alien creatures both friendly and hostile. Decorate your spaceship with all the loot you find or settle down on a planet and terraform to your heart’s content. Hidden Techs act as awesome new special abilities, instruments can be played and scripted to play real songs, and the game is constantly being patched and improved upon, especially in these early stages (with the caveat that there will be major wipes while in early beta).

Eric shows Aaron and Andrew the magic of an open universe sandbox title, the pride in building your own home, and the dangers of delving too deep into a dungeon full of lava and ungrateful prisoners.

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Platform: PC

Price: $14.99 (Pre-Order)

Release Date: TBD, Currently in Beta

Developer: Chucklefish