Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 4: Mars Hothead Power

Once again, the Sailor Scouts have a new addition to the team. Rei, also known as Sailor Mars, joins the team in episode seven. But first, let’s talk about the filler episode before that. For the first time ever, Jedite has finally come up with a plan that isn’t asinine. Using clocks made by the finest Negaverse electric engineers, Jedite is able to turn almost everyone in Tokyo into a bunch of jerks that act like they have so much to do and so little time. So basically most American drivers. I say this plan is successful because even Serena is caught in it.

As we’ve seen before, Serena couldn’t make it to school on time even if her life depended on it. So the fact that she got to school an hour early is actually pretty impressive. Now if only Luna would make use of some of that Negaverse technology, it could actually make Sailor Moon a more competent protagonist. But of course, people are getting hurt and killed by Jedite’s plan so something does have to be done about that. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury jump into a portal where the clocks were being sold and take the fight to the monster of the day. At this point you probably know how that song and dance goes. The two Sailor Scouts get in trouble, and Tuxedo Mask shows up to save the day by destroying the clock that is the source of power for the monster of the day. That said, we move on to the main event of this review: Sailor Mars.


Sailor Mars, also known as Rei, can be described as being the hothead of the group. She has a short fuse and will usually shoot first and only ask questions later if she is the mood to do so. Her and Serena frequently fight and argue over basically everything. Although a great deal of comedy in the show comes from some of the uglier fights between these two. Although any personality issues Sailor Mars might have, she makes up for in skill and what she brings to the team. Her unique abilities as a spirit medium allow her to provide all sorts of info to her fellow Sailor Scouts, and that will come in handy later.

Rei, the girl who will become Sailor Mars, lives and works part time at the temple with her grandfather. Her grandfather is an interesting and eccentric character, we will be discussing him later as he is pretty significant later on in the season. This particular episode focuses on buses full of students disappearing near the temple (and of course the Negaverse is behind that too). Serena and Luna go to the temple to investigate. Of course, Serena and Luna don’t recognize Jedite as he sweeps the ground of the temple. You know, you’d think they’d start to recognize him at this point given they’ve seen and heard him several times. But at least Luna was suspicious when she heard his voice.


Of course, Ami, Serena, and Luna do the logical thing and wait where the bus disappearances have been occurring. Thanks to Serena’s usual whining and crying antics, the trio are able to witness the bus loaded with students float up into the air and fly through a suspicious looking portal. How on earth anyone missed that the first couple of times is beyond me as no sane person is going to look up and watch a bus float into oblivion and be like “meh, nothing out of the ordinary”. The second time however, Serena and Luna sneak onto the bus to see what is going on and they are taken to the other side of the portal where all the other buses are being kept by the Negaverse.

Meanwhile, Rei uses her powers to discover that the guy they hired as a groundskeeper is behind all this. Yeah, that would be Jedite. When Rei confronts him, Jedite just throws her into another portal as if he was tossing away garbage. But as it turns out, that is where Serena and Luna are which is rather coincidental. The usual routine takes place with the monster of the day revealing itself and once again taking a soon to be Sailor Scout as a hostage. But with the help of her ravens, Rei is able to escape. She becomes Sailor Mars and roasts the monster of the day with her new found power. This is one of those rare occurrences where a Sailor Scout that is not Sailor Moon lands the killing blow on the daily monster. Sailor Mars has several moments in that spotlight later on in the series.  Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Luna escape from the void by hitching a ride with Tuxedo Mask whom showed up driving a bus while being a badass.  Only Tuxedo Mask can make driving a bus look cool.


So the Sailor Scout crew is getting bigger and soon the whole gang will be assembled (at least as far as the first season is concerned). All that’s left is Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus even though the latter has already been awakened by Artemis. I believe there is another episode or two of filler content before Jupiter enters the stage, but it won’t be long before we welcome her to the team.