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Bungie Releases New Destiny Trailer After VGX Awards

Bungie have managed to put together yet another trailer for their highly anticipated title, Destiny, in time for the VGX Awards this year. The video shows a lot of footage we’ve already seen, but there are new snippets added which show some of the gameplay including some from the first-person perspective and some of the power that you’ll get to use against the Aliens! Have a look at the trailer below:

Destiny has easily become one of my ‘Titles To Watch Out For in 2014’, and in case you’ve not been keeping up with Bungie’s latest title then here’s a little bit about the shooter:

Defend the last sage City on Earth. Defeat our enemies. Discover the Ancient ruins of our solar system. Become legend

That’s the tag line on the official Destiny website. From that one line, you know it’s going to be a pretty epic storyline. Destiny was created by the team behind Halo and is set in a mysterious future, where you are fighting for the last surviving city on our home planet. Create and customise your own Guardian and play through a compelling storyline, competitive multiplayer and co-operative gameplay choices. You get to wield an incredible power as either a Titan, a Hunter or a Warlock and you can find more on the story, the world and the characters on the Destiny website.

If you pre-orer Destiny now you also get access to the Beta phase, which should be going live from next summer. Destiny is set to be released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on 9th September 2014, so make sure it’s on your ‘to-buy’ list.