Two New Titans Added to Titanfall: Ogre and Stryder

During VGX, Respawn briefly showed off two new Titan classes that you’ll be able to use in Titanfall.


First off is the Ogre, a burly brute who can take a beating and hand one right back to you. With more armour comes more responsibility, so protect your allies with your hulking body to minimize casualties. What he loses in speed, he makes up for in strength. This guy can’t get around as easily as his counterparts, so be careful where you put yourself.


The second announcement was of the Stryder, a fast kick-ass booster bot. This guy can outrun his robo-brethren, but can’t take the same amount of heat. His mobility is counteracted with his lighter armour set. You can boost around corners easily to get to drop, but make sure you don’t get overzealous and put yourself in a tight situation.

If you would like to take a look at them in action, you can click the links below and watch their own VGX trailers:



Titanfall is set to drop in North America on March 11th 2014 and March 13th, 2014 for Europe. You’ll be able to buy it for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.