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The Top 5 Controversies of 2013

Nothing sells papers and gets websites hits quite like a controversy, and over recent years the video game industry has been fueling the media with plenty of them.  From the Hot Coffee Mod to Manhunt, regardless of the subject matter there is always someone who is going to be offended. Whether that offense is legitimate doesn’t even matter.  Get enough people together and add the internet, and you have yourself a genuine controversy.

2013 is no different, as plenty of waves rocked the industry this year and some of them were bigger than others.  We’ve had bad launches, studios being shut down, publications closing, and a major publisher liquidating all of its assets.  Really, there is a lot to choose from when you think of situations that rocked the gaming industry this year.  Plenty of websites have already created their lists, so why not throw mine into the ring?  Here are my top five biggest controversies of 2013.

5.  Dragon’s Crown and the Battle of the Sexy


Now for me, this issue wasn’t a big deal. In fact I was blissfully unaware that it was a controversy until things had reached a boiling point.  All I was concerned with was getting my hands on Dragon’s Crown, and it wasn’t until a friend let me know about the goings on that I even became aware that people were having an issue with the art direction of the game.  Even if you haven’t played the game you’ve seen her: Dragon’s Crown’s Sorceress is the main figure held up as the focal point of anger.  People (specifically certain online publications) were offended by her, and I’m trying to be PC here,with her over-exaggerated figure with Amazon being forgotten. The fact that the male characters were drawn in a way reminiscent of comic books in the 90’s was largely ignored.  It was a non-issue and didn’t effect the majority of video game consumers and reviewers, as the game not only sold very well but received rave reviews.

4.  Kojima and the Booty

MG5 Quiet front back

Let it not be said that I’m not clear on my stances.  The Western media lambasted famed Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima over the character design of new character Quiet. The first we ever saw of her was in the desert, with a gun and barely clothed.  Of course, looking into Metal Gear’s past it’s very clear that Kojima has never clad many of his female characters in outfits that are conducive to warfare and battle, but that didn’t deter many in the press from attacking him and Quiet herself.  Again, I wasn’t offended at all by this and was surprised with how many people including other developers were jumping on the bandwagon.  But time as it always has before has pretty much taken care of the issue, because like with many controversies, bigger and better have come to take our attention.  I’ll move on with a quote from the man himself, “You’re going to notice [when you play,] but there’s limited dialogue with the [Metal Gear Solid 5], and for that reason we really want to show the characteristic from each character. Sexy could be for guys, weapons, vehicles; it’s really that characteristic.”

3.  The Rayman Legends Delay


The Wii U is a console that didn’t have much going for it during its launch, but one title that the majority of new owners could agree that they were desperate to get their hands on was Rayman Legends.  So imagine the horror of many Wii U owners when Ubisoft announced the delay of the once Wii U exclusive so that it could be released at the same time as the planned Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports.

The main issue was that the Wii U version of the game was complete and the delay was going to be 7 months just for the ports, and Wii U owners were justifiably furious.

2. Get Ready for a Divorce – The Twitch Husband

ps4_twitch husband

If not for my number one, this would have won the biggest controversy of the year award from me because of how bad it was.  One of the most popular features on the PS4 is the fact that you can stream from your console directly to Twitch.  Really, if you’ve always dreamed of becoming a Let’s Player but could never afford the equipment to keep up with the big names, this feature was a Godsend and all you needed was the PS4 Eye.  However as we all know, if it’s tied to the internet, then as a whole we just can’t have nice things because people will abuse it.  What was surprising is just how fast this gross abuse of the service happened.

His username was ‘Darckobra’, and everything started out pretty innocently when he streamed a video of him and his wife drinking.  All in all not bad; it’s what happened after his wife seemed to pass out that was the problem.  In her stupor he pulled out her breast and started to fondle in in front of the camera, and then in order to cement his status as the World’s Worst Husband, he proceeded to take off all of her clothes and leave her naked body to be broadcast to the world.

Of course, Twitch laid the banhammer on him and have announced that they will be changing things so that this can never happen again.

1.  The Xbox One Reveal


If you’ve listened to my appearance on the PS4 & Xbox Leviacast, then you probably already know my opinion on the reveal of one of the biggest consoles of the year. But let me refresh your memories about why the reveal of the Xbox One caused such a firestorm.

After Sony detailed their plans for the PS4 the world was eagerly awaiting Microsoft’s response.  It was their chance to outshine Sony and really get their fans excited for what the Xbox One was going to bring to the table.

What happened was a different story, because it seemed like Microsoft’s goal was to tank the Xbox One’s chances of being successful by not only turning casual consumers against it, but also their core fanbase.  From the wildly unpopular DRM policies to the must-be-owned Kinect, almost every single announcement that Microsoft made was greeted with jeers and disbelief.  The entire thing amounted to nothing more than a PR disaster for the company that they tried to resolve over the following months.  People lost their jobs because of the issues that they were having calming the storm.  Really, it wasn’t until their launch  that Microsoft finally regained their momentum when the Xbox One sold successfully worldwide.

And there you have it, the top 5 Controversies of 2013.  Let 2014 be just as chaotic.