World of Warcraft Testing Cross-Realm Heirlooms

As of Dec. 5, Blizzard has implemented the ability to mail heirlooms across realm on the test realms of World of Warcraft.  This allows players to get a fresh start on a new server with all the perks of experience boosting armor and superior weapons from their primary server.

Heirlooms, sometimes called ‘looms or BoA’s (for their “Bind on Account” feature), are commonly used on a players main server to make leveling a low level character quicker and easier.  The gear often contains experience boosts or higher stats at each level than any other gear that could be found in dungeons, raids, or when questing.  At low levels, the gear can make leveling seem incredibly easy, since leveling low levels is already fairly simple.

Mailing heirlooms will be accomplished by typing the name of the character and the server they are on, separated with a hyphen.

This change is widely hailed as long overdue in the Warcraft community, so it should make many players happy.  More discussion can be found on the forums.

world of warcraft

The Warrior tanking heirloom set (

Other changes in the World of Warcraft PTR version of 5.4.2 include:

  • Changes to how the Mage’s Temporal Shield works
  • Changes to Warrior’s Intervene and pathing for both Intervene and Safeguard
  • Open World Bosses added to the raid browser (not raid finder), found in the raid social menu
  • Players may now place raid markers in open world when dead
  • Siege of Orgrimmar boss tweaks
    • Fixed a problem with Norushen’s quarantine measures not killing everything in the zone of effect
    • Fixed a problem with demolition NPCs not opening tower doors on the Galakras fight
    • Fixed a bug where a buff was not received when casting a spell while interacting with the corpse of Hisek the Stormkeeper on the Paragons of the Klaxxi fight
  • Customer support button removed from interface bar.  Support now found in the help section on the menu.

Full patch notes can be found here