Starbound Quick Guide to Setting Up Multiplayer

A large part of the massive appeal to open world sandbox games are sharing in the exploration and crafting with friends. What’s the point to building a towering monument dedicated to your greatness if no one’s around to see it? Unfortunately joining and hosting servers for Starbound is not the most user friendly experience and involves some old school port forwarding and IP Addresses. We’ve compiled a handy quick guide to hopefully get you and your friends exploring the stars together.

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to host a server is enable port 21025 on your router. On most modern routers simply type your gateway IP address directly into your web browser. To find your gateway and internal IP address, open a command prompt by typing cmd into Start → Run (AKA the search box) and type ipconfig /all to bring up a list.

Specific router layouts differ, but you want to look for a section called Firewall or Applications and Gaming or something similar. Add a new user-defined application (make sure your gaming PC is selected). You can name it Starbound or whatever you like, make sure it’s on TCP and the port range is 21025. App type should be DirectX Game. After you’ve saved it you still need to go back and add/allow it into your system as an exception or hosted application. You can look up specific directions for your router at Note that you will probably need your router password to make the change.

Starbound multiplayer

TCP, Port From/To 21025, DirectX Game – Save!

Once you’ve got the port added, fire up Starbound and select Launch Starbound Server. Alternatively you can easily launch starbound_server.exe from the game’s directory (such as Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\win32). You’ll see a cmd window open as it builds the world. Let it run for a few seconds until it stops scrolling, then fire up the game with Launch Starbound (leave the server cmd window open!). If you have a firewall and it hasn’t prompted you to allow or negate access to Starbound, allow it now.

Now in order to join your own server you need to use your internal IP address. This is located by using the same ipconfig /all command and finding the IPv4 address, usually something like Type that into the IP box (leave password blank) and hit join server and you should pop right in. If you don’t, you either got the address wrong or you didn’t leave the server window open. Note that anyone on your local area network will use this internal IP to connect.

starbound multiplayer

Type “ipconfig /all” to get the info you need.

Your online friends however will need to use your external IP address to connect. There are a myriad of websites that can quickly tell you, or simply type “What Is My IP” into Google. Give them this IP address and if you’ve done everything right they should be able to join your server. Note that it’s very possible you will not start on the same planet, solar system, or even galaxy! To temporarily circumvent having to collect fuel and fly to them, you can add them to your party (hit the plus button underneath your portrait and type in their name) and beam to their ship, then beam to the ground. Have fun!

For more information and help on connecting with other Starbounders check out the official forums.