6 improvements that I would like to see in Prison Architect

I recently bought Prison Architect and haven been playing the alpha quite a bit lately. It is a fun game despite it still being a little rough. With there being a constant stream of update and patches the game can get only better as more things get added to the games. Here is a list of six things that I would like to see in Prison Architect eventually.

1) Better employee AI:

One of my biggest gripes with Prison Architect so far is how dumb some of the employees act.  For example stop having employees opening gates with inmates right next to them and thus allowing inmates the opportunity to escape. Also it would be cool if doctors would go to injured people on their own because it gets tedious to order a doctor to heal up every injured person. Also, the guards should be better at stopping fights before they happen as it is annoying to have a guard on duty in the cafeteria or showers and there still be a fight break out and the guards won’t react until it is too late. Then I will have to call in more guards as the entire room has become fight and several people now need medical care.

2) Different types of prisoners:

Even though there are already three different types of prisoners in Prison Architect, it would be interesting to have a bunch of different sub-types of prisoners that you have to keep an eye on.  Such as thieves that are more likely to take items from room to people that can pick locks to prisoners that are most likely to pick a fight with a guard. That way even if you do a prison of  just minimum-security inmates there will still be variables that will keep you on your feet.

3) Better way of releasing prisoners:

Can there be like a room that inmates can go into a few hours before they are released . Because I am tired of prisoners being stuck in the prison despite they were supposed to be gone hours ago. It also gets tiring of having prisoners in solitary confinement when they are supposed to be free. It would be a big help if we could build a room that would function as a holding area for t he last few hours a inmate is scheduled for. so that way they are away from the general prison population and have less of a chance of getting into a fight or doing someone that will cause their stay to last longer. This way there is a faster turnover of prisoners and your prison is not clogged with too many prisoners.

4) More recreational opportunities:

I admit that this is a very minor gripe but it would be interesting to see some more options to keep inmates entertained. Such as gaming systems or a basketball court.  If there are more recreational opportunities make it so that there could be more chances of inmates getting into arguments and possibly there could be more fights. Also it would be cool if prisoners could read books that allow them to get smarter that way they could work faster in the shop or be able to do laundry faster. Also it would be cool if different types of activity increase certain attributes in prisoners such as watching TV will make people more sociable while lifting weights will make them stronger and be able to make license plates faster.

5) Prison gangs:

This feature would defiantly shake things up as you would have to worry about so many different factors as you run your prison. If Prison Architect was to add gangs it would add another dimension that you have to take into consideration when building a prison. Such as how to you separate gang members from their leader or how do you keep rival gangs separated so that way they do not start a fight. Also gang members could team up and try to take on a guard if they are left alone or without backup.

6) Drug use:

I know that there is already contraband in the game but adding drug use and abuse would help expand game play opportunities for Prison Architect. Such as prisoners who are using a substance are more likely to do things like get into fights or move and act really slowly. Also if inmates get addicted to drugs you could be forced to build a rehab facility were prisoners have to go through detox.

If you have any other suggestions that you would like to see in Prison Architect please  leave them in the comments below.

PS: Stop having prisoners make a break for it every second. Prisoners should only be making a break for it if there is an opening an no guards around. I am tired of seeing prisoners making a break for it just because they see an open door with a guard right near it.