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Starbound Enters Beta, Releases Official Trailer

After years of salivating over the highly anticipated spiritual successor to Terraria  (seriously, can somebody bring me a mop?) Starbound has officially entered public Beta. Since it’s on Steam, this takes the form of Early Access, allowing you to pre-order while getting a taste of gameplay and help provide feedback and support to the independent developers. You can pre-order for $14.99 or purchase a four pack to give to friends for $44.99. Multiple Kickstarter-type tiers are still available for purchasing through the official website (via Humble store), with the basic version including a copy of the soundtrack. Check out four and half minutes of glorious gameplay footage below in the new trailer.

Starbound combines the popularity of crafting items and shaping the world a la Minecraft with a tight 2D action-platformer in an endlessly procedurally generated universe full of randomized planets, each with their own flora and fauna. Explore dungeons, complete quests, mine rare materials, meet new creatures and kill them, and build and craft whatever your imagination desires (and you can find on the inevitable wiki page). Like Terraria, Starbound is very supportive of multiplayer featuring server hosting and both cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

The beta will come in three phrases according to a post by lead developer Tiy:

  • Stage 1 still has unfinished features and lots of bugs and stability issues are to be expected, but updates will come fast and frequently.
  • Stage 2 will be mostly feature complete with bug fixes, optimization, and balance updates.
  • Stage 3 will introduce the main quest line as well as “post beta content” that acted as stretch goals for the games funding, such as the Novakid race.

A final release date has yet to be determined but is expected in 2014. You can keep up with the game’s progress with their ridiculously entertaining Road Map.

Starbound began taking pre-orders earlier this year, and to date has over 125,000 supporters and raised over $2.6 million dollars for funding. For more information on Starbound check out the official website and follow @StarboundGame on Twitter.