Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 3: Mercury Entrance Power

Well it was only a matter of time, and I’m thankful for that. Because Sailor Moon on her own is boring and gets old really quick. But now it is time to welcome a new Sailor Scout to the team. The one and only, Sailor Mercury. But more on that later, this retrospective review covers two episodes. The first one is another filler involving the Negaverse using a celebrity sponsored contest to steal energy from unsuspecting school kids. Needless to say, that one gets thwarted too. Not a lot to discuss with this episode, so lets move on to the main event.

As a quick criticism, the preview for each episode at the start is not only annoying but any questions it may bring up about the episode you are about to watch are immediately answered when watching it. For example, the episode tried to hype Amy up as an agent of the Negaverse. However, several seconds afterward it shows Amy being attacked and threatened by the monster of the day. So that is a bit of a fail on whoever did the English dub for Sailor Moon.


In this episode, a new girl comes to Serena’s school. This girl is Amy, a very smart student from a prestigious school. Why she transferred is, to my knowledge, never explained. Luna gets intelligence from her command center (likely from Artemis) that Amy may be an agent of the Negaverse due to an unusual reading she gives off. How Artemis got this intelligence is beyond me as they never go into those details. Also I’m fairly sure there were no touch screens in the early 90s, which is apparently the time frame of the series if the timelines I’ve seen online are to be believed. Minor nitpick I know, but it seemed rather odd.

After school, Amy and Serena due to Luna ambushing Amy. They talk and Serena shows Amy around the nearby area. During this time we learn more about Amy. She is smart. Really smart. She likes to read at the Library in her spare time and is apparently really good at video games even though she has never played one before. Apparently academic genius can translate well into gaming skills, so keep studying kids as it may in fact help you become a better gamer (I have no idea if that is actually true, but nothing ventured as they say). Amy leaves to go to her after school class involving computers, however she drops her floppy disc and leaves it at the Arcade.


Oh speaking of that computer class, it turns out that it is just another scheme hatched by Jedite in his mission to obtain energy to unleash the power of the Negaverse. The manager of the Arcade, gives the floppy disc to Serena so that she can give it to Amy next time she sees her. However, Luna insists that they take it to the nearest computer center and look at the files on it. They discover a brain washing program written by someone in the Negaverse who can program apparently. Seriously, if the Negaverse has that kind of technology they should actually use it more often than once in a single episode. But, they are essentially Saturday Morning Cartoon villains so they aren’t really capable of doing anything that would make any sense.

With this information, Serena and Luna come barging into the classroom to confront Amy as they think she is working for the Negaverse. One Sailor Moon transformation later though, they quickly realize the suspicious looking teacher is a monster and it takes Amy hostage. All the while it throws paper at Sailor Moon. Not gonna lie, Sailor Moon is really good at dodging. That is one thing on her skill set that she can certainly rely on. During the fight, a crest appears on Amy’s head. Turns out she is Sailor Mercury. As if it wasn’t obvious at this point, given Sailor Mercury in the opening credits looks exactly like Amy.


So Luna gives Amy the Mercury Transformation thing. Without asking any questions, Amy transforms into Sailor Mercury and uses her Mercury Bubbles attack to obscure the monster’s vision. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Sailor Moon kills the daily monster with her tiara and the day is saved. Amy is given a formal welcome to the team by Luna and Serena.

I’d say Sailor Mercury is one of my favorite characters in the show. She tends to keep a cool head when everyone else flips. Her priorities are usually in the proper order. Generally speaking, she is a likable character whose only flaw appears to be the fact that she is a book worm with a side of minor social awkwardness. As I recall, Sailor Mars is the next Sailor Scout to be added to the team. However, she won’t be here for a few more episodes at least. Only a matter of time before the whole team is assembled though.