State of Decay Breakdown

Chamber of Game: State of Decay: Breakdown

If you missed our live stream of the new Breakdown DLC for State of Decay, fear not. You can find it right here on our YouTube Channel as our latest Chamber of Game episode, and embedded below.

Breakdown adds an entirely separate game mode, allowing you to unlock your starting hero by completing various challenges. Characters from the main game such as Alan Gunderson and Judge Lawton act as leveled up heroes that can also be found in random events in the world. The title refers to the new RV mechanic that acts as your temporary starting location, randomly placed in the world, and integrates a New Game Plus mechanic by finding and repairing a new RV and resetting the whole map, at a higher difficulty. This survival mode never ends; as the level of difficulty increases with each move, resources grow scarce (including cars), zombies increase in number and speed, and freak zombies are a constant threat.

In this episode of Chamber of Game, Eric shows Andrew the greatness of State of Decay and explains the new features of Breakdown while dodging zombies and securing a home site. If you’re looking for a more challenging experience, more replayability, and more harrowing zombie survival stories Breakdown offers a great reason for State of Decay veterans to jump back in.

For more information on State of Decay, read our review.

For more information on Breakdown, check out our bullet point list of new features from Undead Labs’ live stream, and the official launch trailer.

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Platform: PC, XBLA

Price: $6.99 (State of Decay $19.99)

Release Date: November 29, 2013

Developer: Undead Labs


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