New Guild Wars 2: Fractured Update Is Now Live

Guild Wars 2 gets another update this week, in the form of Fractured. NCSOFT and ArenaNet have introduced a variety of improvements to the Fractals of the Mists, a never-ending series of dungeons that progressively get harder as you progress. Fractured lets you re-explore great moments from Tyria’s past and test your battle skills in this infinitely challenging series of dungeons, and the improvements include three new Fractals and two new Boss Fractals. The first of these Fractals was voted for by players in July’s Cutthroat Politics release. Sounds good so far?

The fractals have also had a difficulty upgrade to present a more varied and challenging experience to players at high difficulty levels. There’s also been a major reward revamp, so surviving these difficult trials rewards you with significantly better loot. As well as this, the Daily Fractal reward now includes not only Empyreal Fragments, Fractal Relics and Pristine Fractal Relics at all levels, but also gold and even more. Makes it all worth it in the end!

You can check out the official Guild Wars 2 website for more specific information on the update including more updates that are on the way, and in the meantime make sure to have a look at the screens released with the press release! Looks like it’s time for me to drag my flatmates back onto Guild Wars!

Guild Wars 2: Fractured Guild Wars 2: Fractured Guild Wars 2: Fractured Guild Wars 2: Fractured Guild Wars 2: Fractured