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State of Decay: Breakdown Live Stream

In 1928, a loaf of bread was pre-sliced and packaged for convenience for the first time. In 2013, the greatest zombie survival video game ever created was released, and there was much rejoicing.

State of Decay gives players the open world of a Grand Theft Auto with the survival mentality of Left 4 Dead while adding in permadeath, base management, resources, dozens of weapons and guns, randomized events and characters, stats, skills, and weapon specializations, vehicular zombie slaughter, and more (read our review). What more could you want?

Well, how about a zombie apocalypse that never ends?

The first official DLC Breakdown adds a new built-in New Game Plus mechanic in the form of an RV that lets you take a few characters and resources and reset the whole map – at a harder difficulty. Scarcer resources, tougher zombies, more freak zombies, less cars, the higher you go the harder it is to stay alive as Breakdown lets you put those well-honed zombie survival skills to the test.

Join Leviathyn’s Andrew Whipple III and Eric Watson as we brave the undead hordes and show off the new features of State of Decay: Breakdown! Live stream will begin tonight, Wednesday 27th at 10:30 PM EST at

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Breakdown will be available on XBLA and Steam on November 29th for $6.99.