Sailor Moon Retrospective Review Part 2: Moon Story Filler Power

For this retrospective, I’ll be covering episodes two and three due to some similarities that they have. They both serve as independent stand alone stories with similar themes. Jedite comes up with two harebrained schemes to try and take energy from humans, and they work far better than they should. The first one is a radio show where he gives energy draining flowers to women who have their love letter read on the air. The next is a fitness center that ends with the victims walking into a very suspicious looking pod. Anyone who falls for the second one kind of deserves to have their energy drained given how otherworldly and suspicious the pods look.

I feel bad for Ms. Haruna and especially for Molly. Ms. Haruna ends up getting drained at least several times over the course of these couple of episodes. You’d think the Negaverse would give some sort of valued membership program to their frequently drained human batteries. Of course, that would ruin the Saturday Morning cartoon vibe that the bad guys give off in this season. Molly on the other hand is a frequent target for bad guys throughout the entire series, making her the official punching bag of this show.


Serena is still in that ‘reluctant hero’ phase, which doesn’t last for long as I recall. She still wants to goof off and be a normal teenage girl. At least she is realistically handling the whole ‘it is your destiny to fight cliché bad guys’ scenario that she finds herself in. Of course we also have Darien whom calls her “Meatball Head” and makes fun of her a lot, I guess that is his way of dealing with the fact that he has to save her basically every episode.

Also in episode two, we finally hear the Sailor Moon transformation theme song which is extremely catchy and doesn’t get old anytime soon. Since they decided to redo the music for the first couple of seasons of Sailor Moon, the least they could do was make the music good and they certainly did a great job with that. One thing I’ve always wondered about is how long the transformation actually takes. It is at least fifteen seconds of animation which is a lot of time during a fight, so do the enemies just sit their and politely wait for her to finish while listening to the music of the transformation sequence?


Sailor Moon does handle herself slightly better in combat than she did in the first episode, and is even able to adapt to the situation when her tiara misses her target the first time during the second episode. Of course, Dari… err I mean Tuxedo Mask does have to come save the day when Sailor Moon gets her arse handed to her by Jedite but of course it is too soon to have Jedite bite the dust since we need more filler episodes of his asinine plans. Episode three is unique in the fact that there were no monsters, only humans being mind controlled. This is a rare occurrence in the show, and I wonder why the villains never bothered to have more humans do their dirty work rather than getting their own cannon fodder killed.


Overall, these two episodes are mostly uneventful with just day to day activities that Serena goes through while doing her part-time bad guy slaying job as Sailor Moon. In a couple of more episodes though we will be getting a new Sailor Scout, and that is when things will start to pick up more. Stay tuned!