Activision wants to bring back the Bandicoot

Nostalgia fans, get intrigued: Activision wants to bring back Crash Bandicoot!

The company confirmed with Game Informer they still own the Crash Bandicoot IP and want to resurrect the platformer.

“Activision owns Crash Bandicoot and we continue to explore ways in which we could bring the beloved series back to life,” a  representive told Game Informer.


Remember this bad boy? Crash Bandicoot: Warped


The news follows after it was rumoured Activision sold the Crash Bandicoot rights back to Sony.

redditor noticed the games were wiped from the company website which caused people to believe they no longer owned the series.

Crash Bandicoot peaked during the 90’s on our Playstations, but slowly faded away behind a cloud of wacky spin-offs and sequels. We haven’t seen the pant-wearing Bandicoot or his colourful sidekicks since 2008’s Mind over Mutants so I welcome a return to the series.

In 2011, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg told Kotaku he’d “love to find a way to bring him back, if we could.”