Xbox, Unbundle Kinect

DISCLAIMER: I’m no expert on any topic, and my opinions are generally very wrong.

While Microsoft seems keen on pushing their fancy little camera into our homes and lives, some people remain resistant. A lot of people are worried there would be some sort of invasion of privacy happening, but not me, I don’t care if they see me in my underwear. I have my own reasons.

Here’s why I don’t really want Kinect with my Xbox One.

REASON #1: Options, options, and more… money


People love to have a choice. They eat it up, I eat it up.

Giving people the option of having Kinect or not is a great idea. I know the guys and gals at Microsoft deem it a necessary part of the Xbox One experience, but it’s not really. Most, if not all, of the things you can do using Kinect, you can also do with a controller. Kinect used to be a part of the Xbox that needed to be plugged in at all times for the thing to function, but now it’s not. So why not just take the extra step forward and give consumers the option of whether they want it or not.

REASON #2: Why do I need it?


Kinect on the Xbox 360 wasn’t a failure, no, but it wasn’t exactly a raging success. Kinect on the Xbox One doesn’t seem to be going in any other direction from it’s predecessor. More dancing and sports games with some hand gestures, wow! The voice command are pretty sweet, I’ll give you that, Microsoft. I just don’t think it’s $100 worth of sweet.

There has yet to be a real reason me to want Kinect around. “Oh, it’s because you can talk to it and it’s like super cool!” That’s great, but what about some games for your gaming console that actually make use of that tech you put into that $100 anchor you’ve attached to the Xbox One? No? Okay, I’ll just wait, maybe something will come eventually.

All I’m asking is that Microsoft make the effort and tell me, not try to convince me, why I need Kinect. Why it is the must-have feature of the Xbox One. They haven’t yet, one can only assume they have something in store for the future.

REASON #3: Next-Gen Olympics


This isn’t just a race or small one-day event, no, this is drawn-out. Everyone wants the gold medals, but nobody is getting any until the end of my purchase, sorry.
Microsoft definitely needs to have a chat with their Kinect’s about what they’re gonna do together. Their main competition, Sony, isn’t bundling their camera. This obviously makes their console cheaper by comparison. Sony then offers their camera at $59.99, so if you buy that and your Playstation 4, you’re still paying less than the price tag of Xbox One. Sure, you might get all of the fancy features, but the Playstation camera does have it’s own voice commands and the video quality is sufficient for me.

If Mom walks into the store for a Christmas/Birthday/etc. for Billy, she’ll likely grab the cheaper one, it’s just how that works. She might ask about the features, but it’s really hard to differentiate the two right now aside from the price tag. Both of the respective platforms’ launch titles are lackluster and you can shoot guys in Call of Duty on both. So she is going to look at the PS4 and go, “But I save $100 by buying this one and Billy can still play Call of Duty?”

The shopkeep whispers, “Yes, they’re both practically the same, and you can get the Playstation camera along with your son’s PS4 and it will still be cheaper.”

Bam, boom. Mom is sold, she walks out with Billy’s new PS4 and Call of Duty. That dang Kinect is dragging your system down Microsoft, it’s not a bad piece of tech, but it’s bad in the sense that you’re losing your battle for my tasty money.


I want Microsoft to succeed, the Xbox 360 was my first high-definition console and I don’t regret it. I got a lot of play time and fun out of that system. I want them to sway my opinion and get my attention. Plus, competition is good for the consumer. If Sony and Microsoft are having a tough time one-upping each other, that’s good for us. We want that, it’s like our favourite treat.

Microsoft, if you unbundle the Kinect from the Xbox One and release some killer first-party software for it, I guarantee people will buy it. But as of now, I can’t wrap my head around why I must have it in the box with my console, sorry guys.

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