RWBY Season 1 Finale Review: A Solid End to a Solid Season

Monty Oum has come a long way since Haliod and his newest creation RWBY has just ended its first season. After the release of four trailers based on each of the show’s four main characters, there was a lot of hype going into series premiere in July. But for the last couple of months, the series has been exciting and has stayed interesting throughout its 16 episode run.

RWBY was able to end on a strong note as the season finale Black and White was able to wrap up some loose ends and leave a lot of options for next season.

Easily the best part of RWBY is the action scenes, and the final episode had an epic fight scene to end the season. The fight scene took place at a dock and the addition of things like shipping containers made the fight seem more chaotic and bigger.   It was nice to see Roman show up again since his appearance  in the first episode and show how he is still up to no good and is still just as dangerous as before.  Also, it was cool to see Penny in action. She shows how dangerous she can be in a fight, and there is something under her sweet and slightly weird personalty.

Even though the series has to do more with high school-like drama and not as much fighting as one would hope, there’s a bit of good charter building throughout the season. As Weiss learns to become accepting of Faunus and her teammates, Blake is able to become closer with teammates, and Jaune is able to find his inner courage an become a better leader.

The best part part about this episode and this season is the visuals and the music. For RWBY, Monty Oum was able to showcase his talents, and it really came through in how he designed the characters and world. Each charter has their own distinct style that helps to showcase the differences in their personalities and fighting styles. Yang’s style in particular makes her look like she would fit in during the Wild West, while Weiss’s wardrobe helps to showcase the fact that she comes from a wealthy background. Also, the design of the world itself is very interesting. As Monty Oum and the design team for RWBY really went the distance in creating a world that varies from being simple to being complex, or using a few colors to having a diverse palate of colors. Also, the varied settings helps to keep RWBY from feeling constrained or boring as the series goes from a storefront, to a forest to classrooms to a port city and many more different types of locales.

The music for RWBY is some of the best I have ever heard from any web series or TV show. Full credit goes to Jeff Williams who composed the music for RWBY, and to his daughter Casey Lee Williams who did most of the vocals. The music not only helps to enhance the story of RWBY, but it is also great to listen to on its own.

Black and White was also able to reintroduce people and events from the beginning of the season that should help build up the beginning of the second season. Having Roman back  again trying to steal dust  and also seeing Roman working with the White Fang helps to set for what could be the primary antagonist for any future seasons. Also, it was nice to see a message from Qrow, as it shows that Ruby’s uncle could play a much bigger role in future episodes.

I enjoyed the first season of RWBY and can’t wait for season 2. My only suggestions would be to include professor Bartholomew Oobleck in more episodes next time around, and possibly to increase the length of episodes. I sometimes felt that some episodes ended kind of abruptly or that there could have been more to them.

The first season of RWBY ended on a high note and set ups the perfect setting for season 2.

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Summary : A fitting end to an excellent season

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