Killer Instinct Music Gets Highlighted, Wubs Everywhere



This soundtrack is going to be all over the place! We’ve seen some Killer Instinct music highlighted before over on MickGordon’s Soundcloud page, however, the second Suite of the showcase was just uploaded recently and it really takes you for a spin.

The first Suite featured a lot of calm tunes mixed with some epic tracks to make you feel like something serious is going down. Then you factor in the Jago theme with his name being used throughout the song and you had a pretty decent selection of tunes shown off. With Suite #2 we enter wubwub territory and many others as our ears get beat up with some club dance music and some serious tunes akin to the epic tracks featured in Suite #1 infused with some dubstep.

To be honest, Suite #2 feels pretty awesome and when you close your eyes to envision Killer Instinct playing while the music is, it just fits. The first track you hear seems to be Orchid’s, although that is unconfirmed, and it really takes off from the start and ends with the all too common refusal phrase of “touch me and I’ll break your face”.

The second track is for an unknown character but features heavy beats mixed with guitar and some DJ mix sounds. It’s not as flashy and upbeat as the first track but it does feel like a fighting game song.

With the third track we get some epic overtones mixed with dubstep while the fourth heads back to the way track #2 sounded. Seriously, this game is going to have a wonky soundtrack that takes us – and our tapping toes – all over the place.

Overall, this Killer Instinct music has had me playing Suite #2 on repeat since it was shown off. Give it a whirl and see if the wubs and dubs will help you kick off the Ultra combos come November 22nd on the Xbox One.