5 PlayStation Franchises That Should Make a Comeback

Now that the next generation of consoles has started, we’re soon going to see an outpouring of indie games, major AAA sequels, and new franchises.  But I’d like to go back to the past, more specifically PlayStation’s past.  To games that once enraptured us but for some reason didn’t make it to future Sony consoles for whatever reason.  With the launch of the PlayStation 4, there is no reason why some of these titles couldn’t be revived with fresh graphics and new gameplay mechanics , introducing them to a brand new audience.  Here are five titles that for some reason lost their moments in the sun, but deserve another shot at the spotlight.

5. The Legend of Dragoon


I’m sure not many of you remember The Legend of Dragoon unless you’re a hardcore RPG fan but back in, as the kids say, the day, this RPG flew off store shelves.  It had a lot going for it, including an amazing story and innovative battle system that used active button pressing combined with really interesting Dragoon transformations. In the hands of Sony’s Japanese studio, there’s no reason why The Legend of Dragoon couldn’t make a comeback with new characters, updated combat, and of course new Dragoon forms.

4. MediEvil


It’s about time that the new generation gets a chance to experience the adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque, the undead knight who bumbled his way into gamer’s hearts.  The MediEvil series was hilarious, filled with dark humor and villainous zombies and pumpkins, well evil pumpkins.  Sir Daniel rose from his grave once, so why shouldn’t he come back from the dead once more?  The series was filled with responsive swordplay, the characters were charming and funny, and the scenery would benefit from a graphics boost on the PS4.

3. Heavenly Sword


I don’t understand why this didn’t become a franchise.  Heavenly Sword was incredibly popular not only with fans, but critics as well, and there was no reason why it had to die.  We were teased multiple times with the idea of a possible sequel, until hopes were finally killed when the series was shelved.    Come on Sony…give Nariko another shot. We already know that it’d be a hit on the PS4; just add a longer campaign and less quick-time events please and thank you.

2. Jak & Daxter


This was one of the defining Naughty Dog series in PlayStation’s past, and one that devastated some fans when they decided to walk away from it.  I get that you’ve become hardcore now guys what with The Last of Us and Uncharted, but wouldn’t it be nice to develop a game that focuses more on humor instead of hardcore grit?  Not everything has to be dark and broody. Instead, with a combination of expansive worlds, great comic relief, and the typically intuitive gameplay, Jak & Daxter 4 would be a monster hit.  Just think about it Naughty Dog.

1. Crash Bandicoot


No one character defined PlayStation in the 90’s like Crash Bandicoot did.  The rival to Nintendo’s Mario, Crash was everywhere in the late 1990’s  from commercials to party games to kart racers and of course his classic platformers. You couldn’t get away from him.  But unlike Mario, Crash eventually faded away to resurface on the Wii and Xbox 360, but it just wasn’t the same.

Another Naughty Dog title that they haven’t thought about since Uncharted became a hit, wouldn’t it be great if they could help our beloved genetically modified hero rise from the ashes like a phoenix?  I still have a lot of great memories of playing Crash titles, and this icon deserves at least one more shot at the big time from one of the top developers in the game.

With the release of the PS4, the next generation has officially started, and a lot of people are excited to see what the future has in store. But I can’t help thinking that maybe taking a little stroll down memory lane would be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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