Three Spirits Update for Dota 2 Announced

After the big hubbub about their Diretide eventValve has announced their newest update with the Three Spirits Update (Which also involves Diretide).


First off, the list of new features being brought into the game are the new heroes. If you include the visual update to Storm Spirit, there are three heroes being released in this update. And you guessed it, they are all spirit related. Aside from Storm Spirit, there will also be Earth Spirit and Ember Spirit. Each has their own unique skill set and look that goes with their name. Their appearances and skills are as follows:

Storm Spirit:



Earth Spirit:



Ember Spirit:



The next couple additions were likely influenced by Valve’s other extremely popular F2P title, Team Fortress 2, but will have their own Dota 2 twist on them.

First included will be coaching for newer players. This allows more talented individuals to take some time to help those in need, who just can’t quite get the hang of what’s going on in their matches. You can teach others, or you can request to be taught. You can jump in with your teacher/student to get some sweet one-on-one time, and then hop into a match with others later with your companion to hone some skills in a real match. Coaches will be able to teach their buddy how to use anything, the HUD, the mini-map, anything. You can also coach alongside another coaching buddy to help a student in need, or even coach more than one player at a time.

The next big thing included in the update is crafting and sockets.

Crafting will help you actually get some use from your items you don’t want or need, and this goes for doubles as well! Use a Polymorph Recipe to combine a couple of your unwanted items together for a whole new item, or an Augment Recipe to combine two of the same items into one of a higher rarity. You can collect these recipes by simply playing the game, or by unlocking Ancient Scroll Cases. These aren’t the only recipes though; there are rarer and more exotic recipes to be found and unlocked.

Socketing will allow you to personalize your favourite items. Got a new Sven sword? Add some gems to it really make it yours. First you add sockets to your items, and then you place gems inside these sockets. The gems can change anything from colour to animations, so they can be very desirable. Each item can have up to five gems at a time. Sounds pretty cool.


There have been smaller changes made as well, like the showcase view. Here is how Valve described showcase view:

“Appreciate the world of Dota 2 in a new way. Zoom into the field of battle and admire your hero from a new perspective, find details you never knew about on your favorite armor, and follow your courier’s adventure through the dangerous wilds. Open a replay and use Showcase View to set up the perfect angle to watch a daring tower dive, or create the perfect screenshot and show off to your friends. To activate Showcase View, click the icon on the left side of your hero portrait.”

Then of course there will be new community items and new chests to go along with the update. There will be two new chests for the new heroes, Treasure of Ember Essence and Treasure of Earth Essence.


Last but not least, Diretide! Valve has heard us and it is finally coming. While it is a little later than expected, this update is huge and sounds great, so all is forgiven. Diretide will be running from November 14th – November 28th. Diretide also gets its own chest, called the Ghastly Treasure of Diretide. No idea what is inside, but I’m sure there are lots of goodies.


Now, there are a ton of updates, fixes, and changes being made to Dota 2 by this update, so I won’t include them all here, since the post would be massive. So if you want to read all about it, go to Valve’s official site about the update.

Today’s gonna be a good day for Dota 2 players and a great time for new players to give it a shot.